When the both cheeks are fully wet by licking, I add: “I would love to slap them now” which causes further moaning of pleasure by Katin. Then I start to distribute slaps alternately left and right again and again, Katin keeps in position.

# My next rule for Katin: Respect my cock by being on all fours

Next, I stand up from kneeing position on the stairs and move direct behind Katin. For this I stand direct in front of the handrail. My fully stiffed cock presses against the haindrail, my cock head touches Katin’s left wet monster ass cheek, because she pushes her ass still over the edge of the handrail. Also, her underbutt hotpant is still pulled over her ass, waiting at her hips to get pulled down further.

I move my head head direct behind Katin’s head. On this occassion, Katin turns her head to me in order to look in my eyes. She is smiling at me when I tell Katin: “My fullly stiff cock and my bulging balls need some respect and lubrication as well from you before I fuck your pussy!”. Just spoke out, I grab her head hair with my left hand and pull it this way that we both move upstairs beside the stairs and Katin needs to turn around. In fact I let her face me.

Next, I look sexy Katin into her eyes when I direct my finger to the ground. Of course she takes it immediately as command and follow it. Naughty Katin moves down on her knees and leans forward in order to take my dick into her mouth next. I grab Katin at her head hair and pull her back by this, before her cock hungry mouth comes to close to my fully erected dick. Katin is not fighting against my pull back by her head hair at all, she is just looking up to me and waiting as a good whore somehow for further instructions.

Further I keep her head hair fixed in my hand and tell Katin: “First rule, If a naked guy with erected cock like me right now appears in front you, you go immediately down on all fours as you do right now. Alternatively, you can go on your knees with hands on back! … Understand?” and Katin answers: “Yes, Sir!.”

I proceed: “Either way which one of the mentioned positions you choose, next you have to behave like a dog. That means, you put your tongue out of your mouth that the top of the tongue touches your chin. Also, you stare with full concentration on my full stiffed cock, as if you want to swallow it next. Also start panting, till I push my cock deep down your throat or if I allow you to stop panting!”. Just spoke out, Katin follows and is doing the dog behavior without any withstand or wasting time. I just add: “Good dog!”.

I really enjoy this, looking down to Katin who keeps bravely in position and is still doing dog behavior. Later on she looks up to me, awaiting a disgracing action from me. I just look down to her and I spit one time direct into her face. Faithfully Katin keeps her head look up to me, but close her eyes and let them closed, in order to be protected if more spit will follows. Fair enough. I just tell Katin: “You just broke the rule, don’t look at me, look at my cock only!”. Katin follows and her look wanders to my cock again.