# My next rule for Katin: Don’t touch my cock or balls

Keeping same position, I tell Katin: “Second rule: You are not touch either my dick or balls, unless I allow you! .. In order to ensure this you are on all fours in front of my cock. In case you leave your position on all fours to stand up or knee in front of my cock, immediately you put your hands behind back or hands behind head, no exception!”. Katin answers: “Yes, Sir!”.

# My next rule for Katin: Taste my balls and let me taste them too (direct way)

I still hold the head hair of Katin who is bravely waiting on all fours and I tell her my next rule: “My next rule for you is called: Taste my balls! In fact you taste my fully bulging and fresh shaved balls first, then I taste by myself after. We start with the direct way. That means, you let your mouth open and tongue out and push the tip of your tongue on your chin all time. Just like you do now. At first, I move your head to my left ball where I let you lick my left ball. Then I am moving your head by head hair from left to my right ball, where you do the same there. Your head passes my cock in between, not taking attention, like touching him. Then I pull you up to me and I taste your tongue. Remember: All time let your tongue out of mouth and when you stand up, put your Hands Behind Back! … Let’s go!”.

Just explained to Katin, then we start. Katin does it properly. The eye contact never break up. The big lady tastes both balls, first my left ball and then my right ball. After, I pull her up by pulling her head hair, till she stands in front of me. Then I release my head hair hold and she is waiting and looking at me all time and still has her tongue out of mouth and hands behind back as directed. Then I lick her tongue not touching her body or touching her face. Katin and I have our eyes open, we are looking at each other during I lick her tongue. Three times I lick up and dow, before I answer: “Oh my good, so tasty my balls are! Good job, bitch!”.

# My next rule for Katin: Taste my balls (indirect way)

Katin is still standing in front of me and without any further talk with Katin, I am telling her: “Next, you will taste my balls the indirect way, Sweetie!” and Katin who is still looking in my eyes, smiles and answers: “Uuhhhh Yes, Sir! … Give my your balls!”. Just spoke out, Katin opens her mouth and tip of tongue on her chin as a matter of course. I add: “But at first of all we need to wet my balls and then I show you how to do! … the cock lubrication is done with spit only and I do fish hook you!”. When I speak it out, I put my both thumbs in front of Katin’s face and I tell to her: “Come closer to me and let my thumbs spread your mouth open like two fish hook do”. Katin doesn’t wonder even she does not know what I want to do. She put my both thumbs in her open mouth and she is still looking at me. Thumbs in her mouth, I spread my thumbs to stretch the fish hooks in her mouth and turn her head down in order she looks direct to my full stiffed cock. She get forced to look at my full erected dick. Then, I tell her: “Look, my cock head is already looking up to you, so spit on my cock head, bitch! Your spit will flow from my cock head down to my balls automatically in order to wet them”. I let her spit few times from above on my cock head. She has a good hitting rate from there. Time to time I adjust the both fish hook in her mouth by increasing the force to hold her mouth maximal spread. Katin is just whimpering and answers with “Aaaaaaahhhh” but does nothing against it, she is letting her hands on back. After some spits my cock head is full of spit and the spit is flowing down to my balls. I feel the warm spit flowing down. Done, I remove the both fish hook again. She let her mouth still open, tip of her tongue pushes on chin. I give her a face slap ant tell: “Good whore!”. Katin answers: “Thank you , Sir!”.