Then my fore and middle finger of my left hand are going direct into Katin’s mouth, moving in her mouth left and right in order to wet my fingers properly. During my finger are going randomly through her mouth, she let her mouth open and tongue on chin. We are looking each other during this action. Next, I grab Katin by my right hand at head hair and turn her head down in order to look to my fully stiffed cock again. With the wet fingers of my left hand I go down to my both bulging and fresh shaved balls, each finger goes over one ball same time. Katin is watching it from above and has her mouth still open and still her tongue tip pushes against her chin. She is waiting for my fingers to come back. Katin is not waiting long, then my fore and middle finger coming up again and are going direct to the top of the tongue of Katin. The finger toes of my fore and middle finger pressing on the top of her tongue and I pull her head back that she is looking in my eyes again. Then I aski Katin: “Are you ready to taste my balls again, darling?”. Katin just moans for pleasure, which stands for a clear yes. My finger toes sliding on her tongue along directly down her throat till the fingers are sticking into her throat completely. Before Katin starts gagging, instead she let her head falls down into her neck, in order to relax her throat and avoid upcoming gagging. But I move her head back in front again, in order to look into her eyes again.

During she looks at me, her first gagging appears. My fore and middle finger sticking in her throat feel the vibration. I strengthen my head hair hold at Katin, that her head isn’t fall in neck again. It takes not long and the next gagging appears, the first tears rolls down. Katin is a good girl and she isn’t not fighting against my finger in her throat, instead let her hands all time behind her back. The third gagreflex includes that her eyes rolls away. Just after I remove my fore and middle finger from her throat again and then out of mouth completely. Some throat slime strings come with them. Katin moans for pleasure again and adds: “Your balls are so tasty sweetheard! … thank you very much for taste your balls again!”.

# My next rule for Katin: Taste my cock head (direct way)

I ask Katin: “When I tell you how to taste my cock head theoretically, then are you able to do on your own practically, right?” Katin is nodding and answers “Yes, Sir!”. So, I explain the technique to Katin: “First you go on your knees, of course keeping hands on back. Then you suck only my cock head very very hard for about 5 seconds without further moving the head in you mouth. Then you tell me how my cock tastes.