There is very little magick use or information about the world in this chapter as it’s more about developing the Characters relationship before I take tackle the next chapter. Fair warning it may take a little longer as I have a few Ideas where the end of this chapter may lead. I’m writing the chapters as they come to me, these first few have come quickly as the idea was bouncing around in my head for a while now. Future chapters will come a little slower. When I’m ready to end the story or at least take a break from it I will let you know and try to bring it to a satisfying point and not leave you hanging. As for the reference to White Wolf Games, they are a Pen and Paper RPG gaming company. My main inspiration for the story setting is their “Old World of Darkness” setting. If you’re interested in learning more about it there is a Wiki for it, just run a search on Google and specify the Old World of Darkness as they have re-launched the setting changing many of the basic concepts that I use in this story. Fair warning though, there are things I am changing, some I’m leaving out and others I have yet to reveal. Please continue to leave feedback and comments. PM me if you want to ask any questions. Register with the Forums in order to send PMs. As always Thank You all for reading.I woke as I felt Sindee shift beside me. Opening my eyes I saw her swinging her legs over the side and sitting up. I looked over to the clock to check the time, realizing that she had sat there sleeping at my side for most of the day made me feel better than any medicine or Magick could have. “Time to get ready for work now” I asked in a sleepy tone.

Sindee turned to look at me smiling, “I was trying not to wake you; you need to rest and let your body and the IV replace the blood you lost.”

“I think laying here with you sleeping for the last 5 hours counts as rest. I usually ignore orders from doctors from stubbornness; however, since it’s you I’ll listen.” I gave her a crooked grin as I pointed to the tray of covered dishes on the rolling table, “The one order I won’t follow is eating what hospitals try to call food; that stuff is cruel and unusual punishment and therefore unconstitutional even in hospitals.”

Sindee laughed and shook her head, “I can’t disagree with that, but you need to eat. I’ll make you a deal, you eat this and I’ll drive you to your hotel and take you to breakfast when they let you out.”

“With a deal like that, I’ll even eat the napkin. It might actually taste better than the food anyway,” I jokingly replied unable to keep a straight face.

Sindee laughed and shook her head at that. She leaned down and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, “Be good and don’t give the nurses a hard time. I’ll be checking in with the staff to make sure you behave tonight. I’d stay but I have to get cleaned up and ready for work. I’ll see you later”