Another chapter down; enjoy it and please keep the feedback coming. If you like it let me know, if you have questions I’ll try to answer them, just register on the Forums and send me a PM or leave them in the comments. Thank you for reading the story.After Sindee left for her meeting I had to get started on my day. First thing I did was call Marcus and arrange to pick him up after I finished at the Architect’s office. We went over the plans and finalized most of the design aspects. There were still a few details that had to be worked out and some additions that I might be adding before we started the process of finding the builders. I left the architect’s office feeling good about how the design was coming along and headed for the campus.

I pulled up to Marcus’s dorm to find him on the steps waiting, flirting with the freshmen girls shamelessly. I smiled and laughed as I spotted a couple of them following him with their eyes, only Marcus could get the attention of College women when he looked like a high school freshman. He jumped in the car smiling as he waved back at the women he was talking to as pulled out of the parking lot. “So you going to tell me what happened to you, or do you want me to guess?” I asked filling my tone with humor.

“The short answer is I screwed up Andrew.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at that statement, “what’s the long answer? Details please.”

Marcus took a deep breath before starting. “I guess it all began right after we parted ways. I’m sure you remember Jackson and what he said about knowing what I am. When I stunned him with the spell, I took the time to heal the damage and make him forget he found me. I couldn’t remove the knowledge he had of me being a Mage as he had related to the rest of his family as he said. The information would have come flooding back the first time one of them explained it to him unless I wiped all of his memory. I wasn’t willing to do that kind of damage to the child of my oldest friends, so placed the suggestion that he had found a clue to my whereabouts down in Florida. I let him think I was after the Fountain of Youth; figured when he didn’t find me he might waste time looking for it. I kept on the move for 6 month following that. At the end of the 6 months I found myself up outside of Seattle hanging with a Cabal, learning from them and teaching them how to work without Foci. Two of them were exceptionally talented with Time and taught me a few new tricks.” He paused here, took a breath like he was gathering his thoughts or bracing for something coming, “You remember when I told you to never try a complex spell unless you were sure you knew what you were altering?”