“It’s time for me to go to work”.Her son didn’t care what his mom said.

Andy always waits for her to get careless.To sit down in a hurry. So her tight skirt would reveal more of her stockings. To expose more of those of the thick shapely thighs. Especially when she’s home. Her skirt rides up effortlessly, as she walks and extends herself or bends over. Although her split skirt soft porn show is his favorite. Jeanette’s milf body is well-proportioned. Hefty 36E breasts sway and bounce erotically.Her shapely hips and ample bottom tend to open the split in the skirt enough to give her son a raging hardon, with very glimpse of suntanned flesh and stocking straps.

“I know mom …you can time me.” He inched forward to target his big piece of meat at her hemline. The chance to shoot ropes of continuous spunk on her was overwhelming.

“Please do it on the floor -like I always ask you too..at this time of morning Anthony!” She pleaded,”I hate rushing in to work.”

“Darling?” Ignoring his mom,he kept working his hand up and down his shaft. Making himself harder.

“Macy’s mom…I haven’t bought you a skirt from there in a while.” With his free hand he pinched her fingers into his. And motioned for her to pull up her skirt.

“O that’s your answer young man. To elevate the situation.” She knew just how to elicit the most lustful reaction from her son. So she gathered a little material in her fingers,using both hands… slowly pulled back on the hem of her stretched tight skirt. She wouldn’t be late she thought. She looked up; his concentration- so keenly focused on splattering all over her lap. It shouldn’t take him long.

It is fun shopping with his mom Andy thought. To buy; to replace the soiled skirts for new ones. He loves to walk behind her in the mall. To ogle at the back-seams of her thigh highs. Again waiting for her to move inattentively. Jeanette’s 41 inch full-figured hips and behind easily hitch any skirt up to gradually display the top band below bare smooth skin.

“I get to choose this time remember mom? ” Breathlessly; he went on. “I want to buy a split skirt ..with the split on the on the right side.”

Unabashedly lusting at her sexiness he confessed,”I’d be done by now.” Mom and son both smiled.

Entrancingly his mom gripped her skirt to tug evenly. Measuring the trim to uncover the firmness of her thigh against the chair-the firmness of her thigh in his view. He allowed his fetish to build up in him. Looking down on this crossed legged fantasy. His balls swollen and ready!

Keeping her right leg crossed over the left leg. Still pulling. The margin of skirt began to shadow over her private parts. Jeanette’s soft skin above the top-band of her stocking came into her son’s view.

“Mama!” Andy cried.