Mom And Son’s Hot Trial Room ExperienceMom And Son’s Hot Trial Room Experience 2

My mom works for a corporate firm and she has been supporting our family ever since she was married. My dad travels mostly on business. I have just entered collage and have difficulties with relationships.

There are times when I feel disgusted about the fact of me still being a virgin. I have had girls in my arms but none to my bed. I crave badly for my arousing sexual desires to be satisfied. I am sure, time had been bad until very last week.

Last week on the Wednesday, I was home after college playing online. My phone rang and it was mom calling me. I picked up and answered the call to know my mom was planning to go shop in the mall as she had a team dinner planned at her office. I requested mom to buy me a new pair of shoes as well.

Mom’s answer was not that convincing as she said, “I don’t know your choice well”. I asked if I could meet her at the mall and she can pay for what I choose. Mom agreed and asked me to meet her at the mall.

I was at the mall and we met. Mom went to the ladies clothing section and I strolled though the men’s shoes section. I picked up a pair after much digging and had it sent to billing counter. I waited for more than an hour without any clue as to where mom was. I called her after much awaiting.

Mom picked up the phone and asked me to reach women’s wear trial room section. I without any hesitation reached. I was waiting on the bench aside looking at girls staring at me while they went in and out of the trial room.

My momma walked by and sat next to me with a disheartened face. Upon me asking, mom told me that she had not found anything suitable which she can wear for her office outing. I asked mom if I could help. Mom with an ‘OK’ face said a yes.

We both started to walk by the racks and standees with display of so many clothes. I led her to the western-wear section where I started to glance through every available design.

I reached to the women’s dress lot where I found a lovely fabric brush on my hand. I stopped immediately and pulled it out of the lot. It was still in hanger, a knee-length dress made of velvet. It was a blue coloured dress with a pearl belt attached to it.

I asked mom if she liked it. Her eyes wide open she said, “It is a little too sassy for my age”. I convinced my mom to try it and not let age judge anything.

My mom was 43. My dad was out of town. Mom shopped mostly alone. This very first time, I was with her. I had a chance to suggest her to try something new. She usually wore silk shirts with knee-length bottoms to her work. She never tried anything different.