Well folks I’m 21 and from Kolkata, we live in a flat and my family consists of me, my mother and my father who works in the gulf. He comes only once a year. My mother is 45 years old but I must say she does not look her age. She is very fair and 5 feet tall, 60kgs and a bit bulky with a big ass and stans(tits). She is damn cute and beautiful, even now when she goes to the market people stare at her, but she is very modest and very strict.

Now we stay in a building with two flats on a floor, and the person who stays opposite us is Uncle Sunil. Uncle Sunil is a business man and comes to Kolkata for 15 days in a month and then he returns to his family in Mumbai. He is a garment exporter. Uncle Sunil is 55 years old, and nearly 5 feet 11 inches tall and huge, he has got a big paunch or rather a pot belly. He is grey and black haired, partially bald and he’s got grey and black hair all over. He is damn strong and is hairy all over and he has got one of the finest grey moustaches I have ever seen. Uncle Sunil and me are the best of friends, though his age, he is still young at heart. We drink together when he is in town and have a nice time going to cinemas and restaurants. So mother is always annoyed when uncle Sunil comes cause I’m home late. This went on and whenever he used to come, we used to send food to his place sometimes and he really used to appreciate my mothers cooking and say that her food is just beautiful like her. Now Uncle Sunil is a very horny man and we used to watch porno films together. At times when my mother comes to call me, I have seen uncle Sunil looking at her ass closely as she walks, but I never suspected anymore cause he is a very descent man.

One night as usual we were drinking and he asked me when my father is going to come etc and then said that I had a very beautiful mother and I thanked him taking that as a compliment, then we watched some blue films and we both had an absolute hardon. I could see uncle Sunils’ massive hard on through his lungi. He went to the toilet, his toilet door is cracked at the bottom, so I carefully went and peeked inside and saw Uncle Sunil stroking one of the biggest lund I have ever seen, I never even thought that man could be such long, all he time I used to see big lund on the internet, I used to think that they are just tricks but I could not believe this he had a very long lund which must be at least 10 inches long and very thick, around one and a half inches thick and he had huge balls hanging and covers with lots of grey hair all over, I saw him stroke himself for 20 minutes then finally I saw him come, he just kept spunking like anything, there was so much of his thick semen all over the place, he never seemed to stop, spurt by spurt he kept spunking like anything, I was thinking to myself that his wife must me the most satisfied woman in the world but also I was wondering how she could take such a big ling inside, I never thought it possible, I thought his wife was the most luckiest woman but then little did I know at that time that not only his wife but also my own mother was going to be very lucky.