“My weekend alone”, which turned out to be a “fantasy come true”, is heavy on my mind.

On Sunday, when we left the cabin, we were driving home in our separate vehicles. Mom called me several times to ask “Are you ok”? I kept reassuring her that I was, MORE than ok and that I appreciate the trust she had in me.

We both arrived at our homes Sunday afternoon and went about our business.

Later that evening, I was watching TV and drinking a beer, when I got a text message from Mom.

“Let’s play again soon”, she wrote.

I sent her back a while bunch of heart emoji’s.

Monday 3/3/2020

Monday came and went with nothing special. I didn’t hear from Mom. All day long, I replayed everything from the weekend in my mind. I almost masturbated but did not. I was in a mind-set now, that I wanted to save my sperm for the real thing!

Tuesday 3/4/2020

Tuesday came and went. Still nothing from Mom. I was getting concerned. I knew she was coming over to my place tomorrow for her “weekly thing” of laundry and straightening up.

Tuesday night, I sent her a text…”Hey”.

About 15 minutes later, I heard a “ding” and checked my messages.

No text…just a photo. I smiled.
Mom Saga (The Visit)

Wednesday 3/5/2020

I was laying on my right side sleeping soundly. About 5:30 a.m., I was startled awake by a sound in my bedroom. I thought I was dreaming so I just laid there for a second with my eyes open trying to focus on the noise before I moved to investigate. I sleep nude and I keep my place very cool at night for better sleeping conditions, but it sucks when I have to get up because it can be rather chilly.

There was a slight tug on my comforter and I jumped…

”What the fuck”, I said out loud.

In the same second of time that I clearly recognized her perfume, Mom slid under my comforter with me and whispered “It’s ok Baby”. She nuzzled her naked warm body against mine.

“Mom, what the heck are you doing here”?, I asked.

“Your Dad got called to work last night and I was lonely”, Mom said.

I replied, “I have to get ready for work soon”.

Mom said, “No you don’t. That’s the nice thing about your boss being a family friend. I sent him a text and told him you weren’t feeling well and wouldn’t be in today”.

“Ooooook”, I said, rather surprised.

“Let’s go back to sleep a bit”, Mom whispered.

She laid her head on my chest and threw her bare thigh over me. I don’t know if I “just” fell asleep or passed out from her intense perfume.

I was awakened some time later by my cock being sucked on under the comforter. Trust me, there is no better way of being woke up!

I lifted the comforter up to watch. Mom looked up at me and smiled as her head bobbed up and down on my penis. She licked my cock slow….then fast. She licked my balls gently and then started jerking me, using only her hand.