Saturday (continued)

For the next few hours, I did some chores around the cabin. I could not get my mind off of the movie I watched earlier of my mother getting savagely fucked by two black guys. As horrific as it was to watch, it sadly turned me on. Replaying in my mind what I saw, I found my cock becoming erect again. I then started thinking about an afternoon in December.

I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to “be with” Mom and be “inside” her. Her skin is always so very soft. Her body is always very warm to the touch. Dozens of times of the past few years, she has asked me to give her a quick back massage. She will take her shirt off and be in a bra only and there have been times where she has even taken her bra off. I will straddle over her and sit on her butt while massaging her back. One time in December, she was cleaning her house for Christmas and moved a couch by herself. Her back was sore and Dad was out of town on business. Mom asked me to come over and rub her back. Having known her sexual history for a while now, I didn’t hesitate and rushed over. I did not think it through though. I was wearing sweat pants. You will see what I am talking about in a minute.

I got to her house minutes after she was done soaking in a hot bath. She was covered up with a bathrobe and she smelled so clean. It is so difficult to come to terms that Mom’s body has been ravaged and inseminated by hundreds of different men and that she is a sexual “freak”.

Mom said “Let’s go into my bedroom. After you are done, I might just take a nap. I took a muscle relaxer and had a two glasses of wine while I was soaking in the tub.”

She walked in the room as I followed. She lit a few fragrant candles and removed her robe which revealed that she was only wearing hip-hipped g-string panties.

Mom laid face down on the bed and sounding groggy said, “If I fall asleep, I am sorry Honey, the pill is working quick.”

“That’s ok Mom, just relax”, I said.

I got the bottle of lotion and mounted myself on her ass which was bare except for the very thin string running up her ass crack.
Mom Saga (Weekend Alone Part 2)
Mom’s ass is a little plump for her 5’2″ body, but still takes my breath away.

I started rubbing the lotion on her back and stretching it up to her shoulders. She moaned. My dick instantly became rock hard and formed a tent in front of my sweat pants. “Shit”, I thought to myself. I continued to slowly and deeply rub her back. She moaned for the first fifteen minutes or so and then stopped. With each push up her back with my hands, my hips pushed forward on her exposed ass causing major friction on the underside of my erection. I continued to slowly massage Mom and was able to rub some “side boob” sometimes, of course, by accident.