Chapter two

There was such a collection of lingerie to choose from we didn’t know where to start dressing – finally I settled for a pair of really hot panties, some stockings with a garter belt and a little wispy bra – not that I had anything to show. Martina and Robyn chose equally sexy items and very shortly we were ready – Mommy checked us over making sure stockings were straight and we looked pretty – we also checked each other out.
Mommy's Moldels Chapter 2
There were two things we didn’t know as we strutted into the “fashion room” – what kind of clientele Mommy had and that she had added crushed Viagra to our champagne – so imagine three dressed up horny sluts beginning to show signs of their erections going in to parade around a room with 8 “business” ladies.

As we stepped in, I stopped to stare at the ladies and looking around the room my cock fully hardened in my panties. Arranged on chairs and sofas was a variety of women that took my breath away.

On one sofa two voluptuous woman, dressed in vintage lingerie, stockings girdles and wired bras were snogging each other, waiting for the show to start – there was another woman dressed in a full business suit, prim and proper looking disapprovingly at these two beauties – a couple of grannies wearing see through blouses and holding hands – two much younger women with long legs and short skirts, big tits and tight blouses – a stern looking woman in leather holding a leash with a young boy of our age attached to it – he was kneeling by her side and at the very back – dressing in her school uniform was my girlfriend Sharon – WTF was she doing here – how was I going to explain this – wait till I see Mommy I thought to myself.
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“Come in boys, don’t be shy” said one of the ladies – “we want to see how you look”.
Well no point in worrying about Sharon now I said to myself as I went deeper into the room. “Aren’t you little boys just gorgeous” one of the ladies said as I passed by – “not so little” said another stroking Martina’s ass as he passed by. Mommy came in behind us “introduce yourselves to the ladies” she instructed – smiling Martina and Robyn bowed to the room and gave out their names – blushing and looking Sharon in the eye I said “Samantha” in a quiet voice – “A little louder darling” Mommy instructed “I’m not sure everybody caught that” – “Samantha is my name” I said in a loud voice and watched as Sharon giggled at me. “Isn’t that a lovely name you have” she said to the room and all the ladies burst out laughing and the terrible thing was it just made my cock even harder.

“Okay little boys let’s go change again” said Mommy and as we passed out of the room all eyes followed us. In the next room I asked Mommy what Sharon was doing there, “She’s not one of your clients” I said in a cross voice, “No” replied Mommy “but as she helped you get ready I thought she should know why you needed your ass shaved” –
“Mommy she’s my.. was my girlfriend, she probably won’t look at me again” – “As you’re being such a cry baby about this you better wear these” Mommy said, handing me the frilliest pink panties she could find – OMG I thought, one part of me wanted to wear them so much and another hated them. “Come on darling, hurry up pink panties and pink stockings you’ll look precious” she told me “Look at Martina and Robyn, they don’t mind what they wear” and as I looked over they were dressing each other and taking the opportunity to feel up their stiff cocks – “Mommy will help” she said as she pulled the panties over my ass and arranged it around my cock. “I think you like this” she said as she gave my cock a quick stroke, “now don’t keep the ladies waiting” and in we all went again.
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