Most of the time as she grew to womanhood, it was Jill who sometimes asked her stepfather to satisfy one sexual need or another. There were times when, for example, she wanted to practice her blowjob technique on him, or when she needed him to rub her pussy when she was super-horny and needed to cum. But this one time, Dan needed Jill to do something special for him. His wife, Mary, was off on a girls-only sea cruise in Europe with a group of female friends; she’d be gone three weeks. By the end of the second week, Dan was going out of his mind with pent-up horniness.

He’d been jerking off compulsively for days now, but it wasn’t enough. One night, he turned in early for bed, but he couldn’t sleep—he had a hard-on that wouldn’t go away. He got out of bed, slipped on a pair of pyjama bottoms and went to Jill’s room. (Jill was 21 and an adult now, but still lived at her step-parents’ home.) Dan knocked on Jill’s door and a sleepy voice said, “Step-daddy? Is that you?” Dan entered the room, Jill was lying in bed under the covers, half-asleep; she had ear-buds in her ears and Dan could hear rap music leaking through them.
“Hey, sweetie, were you asleep?” “Sorta, Daddy,” said Jill, pulling one ear-bud out. (Dan was her stepfather, but she loved him so much, she frequently called him “daddy.”) She yawned. “What’s up?” “Listen, sweetie, Step-Daddy needs to ask a favor. I’m really horny since your mom has been away, and I need a little release. Could I ask you to suck my cock a little? I’m not asking for a full blowjob; I don’t want to bother you and wake you up, but if you could just give it a little suck…”

Jill looked up at her stepfather and gave him a relaxed, sleepy smile. “Oh, okay, Daddy. Bring it over here.” Dan went to the side of Jill’s bed and pulled his cock out through the slit in his pyjamas. “Jeez, Daddy, it’s so big and hard!” said Jill in a quiet little voice. She turned on her side to face Dan and reached up with one hand to stroke his shaft and to finger the tip a bit. Dan’s cock somehow became even bigger and harder upon feeling his daughter’s cool, thin fingers on his dick.

Jill gave a soft chuckle. “Poor Step-Daddy’s dick! It needs some affection.” She propped her head up from her pillow with one hand, and with the other drew the dick closer to her mouth. Her lips hovered over the tip for a moment; Dan could feel her warm breath on his cock and it was all he could do to keep from cumming right then! But he squeezed his muscles down there and suppressed the urge.

Jill kissed Daddy’s cock, than licked the tip. Then she started licking the top half of his long dick, lapping at it the way a kitten might. Dan took a half-step closer, pressing his legs against the side of the bed as Jill raised her head slightly and took the whole length of cock down her throat, swallowing it until she gave a polite little gag and took it out. Dan saw her eyes watering a bit and she took a deep breath.