[ WARNING! If the subject of interracial sexual relations is not your thing, then look elsewhere. Because this story is definitely based entirely on the theme of interracial sexual relations, and only that! For those who like this theme, read and enjoy—and leave a nice comment, too! Thanks! ]

When Daniel woke up, the dream he’d had was still sharp and vivid in his mind. What was more, he was sporting an erection, as well. As he turned over, and became more fully awake, he knew that the dream that had woke him up, was not entirely ‘just’ a dream, but was loaded with real memories of the very, very real experience of his wife, Jane, having fucked Darnell, the younger black man that the two of them had met on-line, and who had been fucking Jane on a regular basis ever since!

Automatically, Daniel reached for his swollen member, and through the tight fabric of his undershorts, he let his finger tips stroke over the unmistakable bulge; and as his finger tips found the ridges of his cock head, he let them trace slow circles over, and over, and over; causing his cock to stiffen even more.

After a few moments of this, he threw the bed covers off, and then propped himself up on the extra pillows against the headboard, and slid out of his undershorts. Though he did not have nearly the big cock like Darnell possessed (and which was part of why Jane had wanted to seek out other guys who had considerably bigger cocks), Daniel made the best of what he did have—even if it was typically alone, as it was in the hotel room. In fact, after Jane had begun fucking Darnell, she showed little interest, let alone enthusiasm, for fucking Daniel; and though Daniel understood this, it was still sometimes difficult to accept that he was very unlikely to ever fuck his wife again!

So, masturbation, as well as lots of on-line porn, had become his primary ‘go-to’, when he needed some sort of sexual indulgence and release. But he knew this was not such an unusual thing. There were many, many other men in his situation (single, as well as married) who were essentially cuckolded by their wive’s (or girlfriends). In fact, he had found, and joined, and on-line support group dedicated to such men in such circumstances! He’d found it comforting to chat with other men who’s wives were fucking other men instead of them! Just to know that there really were many others like him had been incredibly helpful.

Setting back against the pillows, alone, with only the white noise of the air-conditioning system droning away, Daniel continued to stroke his cock. Masturbation was every guys true first love, but as a cuckold, that love affair took on a new, and considerably deeper reality. In fact, he sometimes felt strangely…What? Content? Satisfied? It was difficult to find the right word; but ‘content’, and even ‘satisfied’ were two words that came astonishingly close to capturing the way he’d come to feel about his status as a cuckolded husband.