[ For A & T once again, and for all those white couples seeking an interracial c***d! ]

My name is Khalid. I am from Rabat, Morocco. I am 33 years of age. I have a very interesting experience I’d like to relate that I was part of last year, in early October. I met up with a young European married couple (Hanna, and her husband Krystian) after the three of us had chatted for several months on-line about the possibility that Hanna might become pregnant. Naturally, I inquired as to why Krystian wasn’t being considered; after all, he was Hanna’s husband, and the answer came as a complete surprise to me.

Bluntly put, Krystian said that he and Hanna were much more interested in her having an African-fathered baby; and he went on to explain further that they were deeply disturbed by the manifestation of what he called ‘white nationalism’ in many countries in Europe, and it’s attendant racist actions towards myself and other Africans in their country.

I wasn’t really sure at first that Krystian was being totally honest with me about their motives. I first assumed that they were merely playing games with me; however, as time went on, I became convinced of their sincerity. Several months went by as we chatted nearly every day on-line with one another, and I started to feel as if I was getting to really know Hanna and Krystian; and I liked what I was finding out about them—and, of course, I was very much attracted to Hanna!

As a Moroccan male, I’d always had a strong fascination with blond European women. It wasn’t that I found my fellow female Moroccan’s distasteful, or repellent. There were many, many beautiful Moroccan women, and I was always lusting after them, but the fact was, I had very little economic value to offer a Moroccan woman—but none of that mattered (or, at least not nearly as much) when it came to European women.

I saw all sorts of beautiful, but largely unobtainable, European women tourists on the streets of Rabat; nevertheless, I craved to fuck not just one, but as many as I possibly could; but then I started chatting with Krystian and Hanna! Suddenly, due to our numerous exciting chats late into the night sometimes, a growing conviction started in my mind that maybe my chance at fucking a white European woman did have a chance at becoming a reality! Then, of course, there was the extra perk of fucking Hanna in order that she become pregnant by me! How could I pass such an opportunity up?! After all, I told myself, if I did happen to accomplish that, the couple would be going back home, and I never be held accountable, or responsible for anything to do with the baby—other than provide the sperm! It was too good to be true, I kept telling myself, but Krystian and Hanna kept encouraging me to accept their invitation; and, eventually, that’s exactly what I did.