( Fiction)

I knew how tired he was working all night in emergency surrounded by sick people that need help, wearing a mask and focusing on saving each life, he told that to receptionist last night when he checked in to our small motel. My colleague Peter, receptionist told me that I have to wake him up at 7AM sharp and bring fresh Orange juice and toast in to his room.
I Knocked at the door, but after no answer I pushed a bit and opened the door. Room was dark, and smelled on dreams. I placed the trey with juice and toast on a small table close to window. Tiptoeing backward, I was on my way out when I heard:
-Good Morning
-Good Morning, I said, I brought you a breakfast and this is your wake-up call as you asked last night
He smiled.
He was handsome man with middle-eastern features, deep eyes and strong bones. With no reason, my heart started to pump stronger and I felt that I am getting so warm.
-Have good breakfast I said and moved toward the door.
-One second… he said, I’d like to ask you something, can you stay for a minute?
-Yes, I said
-Have seat, he gestured toward an armchair
I set
-I am not from here, he started, and would like to know, then he stopped, 9sorry I have to pee he said and jumped out of bed. In that moment for a second, I saw his big and very erected cock, but moved my glance away, for him not to see me watching it. He went to bathroom naked, and cam back after a few minutes still naked. I was very shy to look at him, because his cock was just as hard as a several minutes ago, and he was standing close to me.
-Don’t be shy he said, cock is a cock
I didn’t know what or how to answer on that comment so I stayed quiet.
-It is always hard, he said, most of the time, like this, he was holding it, showing me how hard it was- do you think is it a good size?
-It is really big, I said
-Big? No, it is average
-Sorry, I disagree, that is a monster one
If I was a porn producer (my dream job anyway) I would’ve not produced this moment as hot, like it simply happened
Within ten seconds, he was close to me and started to touch my lips with his index finger.
-pull out your tongue, he said
I did
-You are a good good boy, he said, kissed me in a cheek, and then within a speed of light, I felt his cock deep in my mouth. That hurts I wanted to say, but he was deeply in a moaning stage, holding my head with his right palm, and pushing his cock with left one. I needed air, so I tried to move a bit and catch a deep breath, but he only straightened a grip over my head and said
It really wasn’t comfortable, my knees were hurting me, my erected cock wanted out, I couldn’t breath, and it was so hot. I was watching him; His eyes were closed and he was moaning loudly in a rhythm of movements in and out of my mouth.
Then he started to move more aggressive and I thought that I hear him swear
-Fuck, he said, Fuck, here it comes
It wasn’t my first time to suck cock, or so see ejaculation, but this was different, I was fixed in to his iron hug. My mouth was widely open to accommodate his huge cock. I felt that his cock is throbbing, and then it started:
He was cumming inside my mouth, and was not letting me go, so the only thing left for me was to take it all down the throat, and I felt even warmer. He was cumming in numerous short and long sprays, filling my throat with sperm. At the same time he was talking something I couldn’t understand well cause of his hans over my head.
And then, he pulled his cock out, and went to another part of the room, took a toast and started to eat
-Thanks boy he said
-Thank you I barely said due to pain in my mouth, lips and throat
I left his room, and ran to a toilette where I washed my face, calmed down a bit and went back to work.
That afternoon, receptionist gave me a small envelope.
-The Guest from the room #412 left you this
Later on, once at home I opened the envelope. A 100$ bill dropped on the floor. There was also a small message
Thank you
If you ever want to serve me again,
Here’s my number