A mother and daughter find themselves joined by the older daughter, Amanda, in captivity. Rhonda will do anything to protect her daughters, but can she help them survive a gang rape at the hands of a notorious drug lord and his thugs? Can one woman’s love and sacrifice shield her daughters from the darker, more sadistic sexual torments to come?

MOTHER AND DAUGHTER 2 – SISTER’S ORDEALRhonda couldn’t believe this was happening. She and her two daughters had been taken captive by at least one, possibly two sadistic rapists. Now she was in some sort of basement, completely naked with her youngest daughter Natalie, being forced to do things she would never have thought possible in a million years.

Her captor was a muscular brute who insisted that she and her daughter call him ‘Master.’ He was a monster. After raping her daughter and filling her pussy with cum, he was now forcing Rhonda, with her hands behind her back, to lean over her daughter’s face so that her daughter could suck on her breasts. Her poor daughter, Natalie, was a beautiful, slender 18-year-old girl with perky tits and long, flowing dark hair. Her daughter’s cute, innocent face was now contorted with fear as she obediently sucked on each of her mother’s nipples.

“Not bad, little bitch. Yeah, keep sucking on Mama’s titties. We’ve got Julio and the gang coming over for a nice, big rape party,” Gary rumbled. He stood up and took a step back, watching the naked teenager, her ankles tied to the bed, her wrists tied behind her back, suckle obediently on the same breasts she had sucked on when she was just a little girl. The lesbian-incest action made the man’s cock twitch with renewed lust.

He stepped up behind the mother. Rhonda was gorgeous, in her late 30’s, with a sexy ass and big, supple breasts. Master Gary admired the woman’s curves. He slid his hands along the contours of that fine ass, his cock now hard as a rock. He looked at Rhonda’s little puckered opening and suddenly the instinct to ass-rape her was just too strong to resist. He spit into the woman’s tiny hole, starting to lube it up.

“Master, what are you doing?” Rhonda cried. The stimulation of her daughter sucking on her nipples was distracting, but not nearly distracting enough to prevent her from noticing that awful sensation of saliva oozing into her anus. She knew what was coming next.

“Oh please, Master, don’t fuck me in the ass. Please!” Rhonda begged.

Gary rested his elongated prick along the crack of her ass, relishing the way her ass cheeks looked on either side of his cock.

“Mama, have you never been ass-fucked before? You’re in for a real treat.”

Natalie listened to the rapist’s awful promise as she switched her mouth to her mother’s other nipple, tugging it between her lips and sucking on it so fervently.

The girl’s thoughts were frantic. ‘Oh god…please someone come save us. We have to get out of here.’ Who knew what this sicko might do to them next? And what had happened to Amanda? Natalie wondered. Their captor had mentioned that her older sister was being held somewhere upstairs, but they hadn’t seen any evidence that she was even still alive. And now Natalie would be forced to suck on her mother’s nipples even as this vile man raped her mother’s ass. Natalie couldn’t believe they were in this situation, so horrific and so unreal…and yet the lilt of her mother’s moans as Natalie pleasured her nipples sent a stab of guilt straight through her heart.