[ This is for Megan, who is at the very heart and center of this ‘story’ (though certain details are omitted for privacy sake), as well as her real-life mom…and the growing number of black men both have discovered to their very good fortune! In addition, there is a deliberate ‘sub-text’ to the boyfriends and husbands who neglect and take for granted the women in their lives. Guys? Pay attention! You have to earn those women, or any woman you may know. Earn it, or loose it! Nothing’s really free. Not even in marriage, or in dating! ]

It had taken Cindy time to finally tell her daughter about her affair with her mothers next door neighbor several weeks earlier while visiting there; but once she starting confiding in her daughter, it all came pouring out; and it had felt so incredibly good to get that out into the open! She’d felt so liberated! Also, she had been so pleased that her daughter hadn’t reacted negatively. In fact, if anything, Megan had been incredibly understanding, as well as supportive of her choice to ‘date’ Willis (the black man who lived next door).

“Do you think of me as a whore?” Cindy had asked Megan. “Do you think I’m a terrible mother for doing that?”

“Mom!” Megan had replied. “NO! No I don’t think of you as anything like that! Dad doesn’t deserve you. You and he haven’t been happy together in a long time. I’ve heard the two of you yelling at each other. I’ve heard the terrible things he’s said to you. Dad has treated you like dirt, and for a long time. That’s why I had to get away from home and come stay with grandma. I couldn’t STAND him another moment! And I hate his racism. What is the MATTER with him? It’s so despicable. It’s like I no longer know who he is anymore!”

Cindy had always tried to paint everything in the best possible light for her daughter, and to make excuses for her dad’s behavior and beliefs, but now she realized that Megan had shrewdly seen through all that and had seen the true nature of her father. She wanted to reach out and hold Megan in her arms, but she couldn’t. She was setting alone talking to her on the phone (somehow, telling her daughter that she was ‘dating’ another man, and a black man she’d met while in Florida several weeks earlier, was easier on the phone instead of face to face), and though she had been scared to come out and tell Megan all that, now that she had, and now that Megan showed no signs of rejection for it, Cindy felt a huge weight being lifted off her shoulders. Confession, whether one was religious, or not, had proven to be amazingly efficacious! Being open and honest, and especially about something like this, was absolutely crucial to her own long-term happiness.

Then Cindy decided to go further with her opening up with her daughter. Again, she felt slightly nervous about doing so, but she did anyway.