The next morning I went inside my room. I saw mom taking a shower, and Suraj was sleeping in the bed naked. I could see plenty of torn pieces of condoms on the floor as if they had been fucking the whole night.

I woke Suraj and asked him to go to his room and get ready. We had plans to visit nearby places. He went to his room. Mom came out of the shower wearing her night suit. I could see she was looking satisfied and happy. I was getting jealous.

Now I could not wait to get my chance with Kavita aunty, my friends mom. Mom asked me to get ready. So I took a shower and got ready. After some time, I saw Suraj heading to the reception. So I spoke to him.

Suraj – Hi Arjun, your mom was awesome last night.

Me – You are lucky, Suraj.

Suraj – She has awesome boobs and tight pussy

Me – Stop teasing me, Suraj.

Suraj – Don’t worry. You will get your chance too.

Me – Now help me seduce your mom.

Suraj – Sure, I will try that.

We all got ready and met at the hotel reception. Kavita aunty was wearing a beautiful red color saree. I could not take my eyes off her body. On the other hand, mom was also wearing her favorite black saree. I could see Suraj and mom playfully looking at each other.

We roamed around the place the whole day. Finally, around 6 pm, we decided to head back to our hotel. Upon reaching the hotel, we decided to head to the pub for dinner and drinks. We started enjoying our drinks, and the music was good. I could see Suraj caressing mom’s thighs from the under the table.

After a few drinks, we all stood up for dance on the floor. I was with Kavita aunty on the floor. I got my first chance to feel Kavita aunty’s dusky waist. Her waist was so buttery. While dancing, I could feel her melons touching against my chest. I started having a bulge in my pant.

After a few more drinks, I saw Kavita aunty started getting restless. Around 9 pm, she said she will go and take a shower before we start our dinner. I saw it as an opportunity and said, “Aunty, let me accompany you. I will also take some rest.” She smiled and said, “Ok,Arjun”

We headed towards our rooms. I knew this was my chance. On reaching our rooms, I behaved as if I forgot my room keys. Kavita aunty said, “You can rest in my room till then. I will take a shower and get ready for dinner.” I sat on her bed. She took her clothes and went inside the shower.

I purposely hid her towel so that she asks me for it. After 5 minutes, I heard her voice, “Arjun, can you pass me my towel?” I went to her door. As she was about to catch the towel, I purposely touched her wet melons. She quickly closed the door as she too felt it.