Alex Morgan was excited to be back in his home town. He was twenty-one and on summer break from the college he attended. But the reason he was excited wasn’t because he would see his old friends or the town where he had grown up.

Over the past few weeks, Alex had met a woman online. The website was aimed at people who were into bdsm and Alex definitely identified as a Dominant. The woman, who went by Lonely_Sub, was a Submissive. She had had hard time finding a Dominant until Alex stumbled upon her profile.

His name on the site was Frustrated_Dom. The site had matched their profiles as a possibility and the two of them started talking. As they got to know each other, Alex really started liking this woman.

She was older, in her late thirties. But, from the photos she had sent Alex, he could see that she was incredibly sexy. He had never seen her face and she had never seen his, but they had seen the rest of each other’s bodies.

Alex loved her large tits and puffy nipples, as well as her round, plump ass. She was a little bigger around the middle than the girls at Alex’s college, but he found that he really liked it. He had never been all that interested in the girls his age. They all seemed immature and shallow, especially in comparison to Lonely_Sub.

And it wasn’t like Alex dated that much, especially once the rumors started. “Fucking Carrie Jacobs”, Alex thought as he unpacked his luggage. His date with her had been going good until they got back to her dorm room.

They had been making out and her hand drifted down to his pants and she slipped her hand inside his boxers. He heard her gasp and she sat back, her eyes wide. “Fuck, that’s big”, she said. “Let me see it.” He’d proudly stood up and disrobed, allowing his dick to be free.

It was rock hard, almost twelve inches long and as thick around as his wrist. “That’s huge”, she said and she leaned down and began licking his dick head. But it quickly became apparent that she wasn’t going to be able to suck on it. And then she didn’t even want to try fucking it. “There’s no way that will fit”, she said.

He’d tried to dissuade her, promising that he could make it fit, but she shut him down. The date ended awkwardly and then she’d started spreading the rumors that he was some kind of freak and that women should stay away from him.

When he told Lonely_Sub the story, he’d half expected her to find some reason to ghost him. Instead, she had asked to see his dick. He hesitantly showed her a pic and she immediately sent him back a picture of her pussy. It was dripping wet.

“I’ve never taken anything even close to that before”, she’d told him. “But I want to, with you.” That had given him a lot of confidence and now, as he unpacked his clothes in his old room, he couldn’t wait to meet this woman.