Mutual Therapy
Life had been what I thought was picture perfect, until I turned s*******n. I was in my junior year of high school when the bomb went off in our house. I had come home from school to find suitcases and boxes sitting on the front porch.

I had found the door locked, and after ringing the bell and knocking a few times, my mother had peeked through the front glass, unlocked the door to let me in, and then relocked the door.

You got it, mom had caught dad with another woman; or another girl to be precise.Apparently dad’s new love interest was barely past her nineteenth birthday herself. Not bad for a forty-eight year old teacher right; only problem was he was married while he was banging her. Worse, he was banging her in his own bed when mom walked in.

Mom got the house, dad got shit. The parents of the girl figured the two of them had to have been doing it awhile, and tried to charge dad with sex with a minor, you name it. Bottom line, at the time mom caught him, she was nineteen; they got nowhere real fast.

Mom kicked his ass out; her parents kicked her ass out. They got an apartment together, and three months later I got an invitation to their wedding. Needless to say I burned the damn thing.

Last I knew they had a small house somewhere and she was knocked up already. Well, his brains didn’t work but it seemed his dick did.

As for me and mom, depression in the Clark house was not even the word. I went from honor roll to barely making C’s and D’s. I did graduate from high school, barely. Mom wrapped herself in her work, stopped seeing their old friends (who wants to be reminded they are the divorced one at the get together).

I quit track, then baseball. I spent most of my time hiding in my room playing video games, and mom spent her time between work and her bedroom. My dreams of college went down the toilet with my grades, and by the time I graduated I didn’t really give a shit.

Graduation was the first week of June, and dad attended, I never spoke a word to the bastard; he even had the balls to bring his pregnant wife with him. I couldn’t wait for mom and me to get out of the auditorium and go home.

Just to explain, my mom is a ther****t, and she specializes in k**s having social issues; you know ADD/ADHD, autism, daddy issues, mommy issues, addictions; you name it.

Well, apparently mom did notice my ‘decline’ through my senior year, and after my confrontation with dad at graduation, decided it was time we got the Clark household back into order.

A week after the graduation, I was playing video games in my room when mom knocked on my door.

“Come in” I called out.

“Any plans this afternoon?” mom asked when she popped her head through the half open door.