The 8th prostitute I saw.

I had contacted her in advance and asked if she did BBBJ with CIM, bare back blowjob with cum in mouth, as well as if she allowed photo and video. I was not interested in sex, just oral. She said she did, and I set up an appointment with her for the following day. This was what I had been craving, so I was really excited about it. And I had never taken photos or videotaped any sexual experience I had had, with escorts or otherwise, so I was really looking forward to that as well.

I set out the next day and drove to the motel. Not really the best part of town, and I found the environment intimidating to some degree, and I’m no stranger to bad neighborhoods, just so you get the picture of how sketchy it was. I almost backed out. However, I carried on, I was determined to do this. I arrived on time and headed to her room, located in the very back of the motel. I knocked and she opened the door, revealing a woman with jet black hair, heels, stockings, garter belt, lacy bra and panties, a pearl necklace and nothing else. She looked amazing, She was older than a lot of the escorts I’ve seen since, in her 40’s or so. She looked amazing. Very toned and she obviously worked out, which she later mentioned that indeed she did.

I took care of the money right away, always important to take care of business so the women don’t have to ask. She asked for very little extra to photograph and videotape. I was going to walk away with some money in my pocket still. I decided I was going to leave a good tip if things went well, I had the cash to do so now. She did ask that I not post it on the internet though. It was a disappointment, but of course I understood.

We picked a spot that had the best lighting for video, which turned out to be right in front of the bathroom as there was a bright overhead light right there. She went and got a pillow to kneel on and I got completely undressed. I was already starting to grow hard with the anticipation that I was about to get my cock sucked and could cum in her mouth, and that I was going to get to record it. By the time I had my clothes off and she had returned with the pillow, I had grown almost fully erect, I couldn’t believe it, at my older age it takes a lot to get me going sometimes. But the excitement was real.
She kneeled down in front of me and slowly started licking my cock, rubbing it on her tongue, then slapping my hard cock on her tongue. It was very erotic. Slap, slap,slap, my cock bouncing on her tongue. She took it in her mouth almost all the way, stopped, then pressed her lips down tightly near the base of my cock, then slowly pulled it out of her mouth while keeping her lips pressed tightly on me, then did it again. This woman had incredible skills. This was no basic blowjob! A lot of women are aggressive, or just go real fast, or mostly use there hand to jerk it, that’s fine and all, no problem with those techniques, but this was on a whole other level.