(Truth) on 12/12/20…As we traveled down the road I fantasized about her while she sat next to me in the passenger seat, smelling her coconut hand lotion and the faint smell of her perfume, her black pumps, black nylons, her light blue dress settling between her thighs, her brown hair, teasingly showing from beneath her white bonnet, the long white ties of her bonnet laying over her breasts. The seat belt stretched tight between her tits, emphasizing them. They were perfect. My cock throbbed and strained against my pants. I watched as she got out of my car, as she turned herself in the seat, her dress tightened and hugged her ass and revealed her pantie line. I wondered what color the panties were that she was wearing. Were they black? Maybe a soft pink or white satin? I couldn’t take my eyes off her ass, as she stood up her dress loosened its tautness and hung from her hips. I watched her walk towards her front door, her dress swayed from side to side with every step. It was a beautiful sight. I couldn’t wait any longer, I had to masturbate as I drove home, her fragrances still lingering in the air, I shot my cum onto my shirt and hand. I licked my cum from my hand and wiped it up with my fingers from my shirt and licked them also. As I laid in bed that night I thought about her, my cock stiffened, I pulled the sheet back, my cock stood hard and wanting. I stroked my cock as I made love to her in my mind. My orgasm was intense, I came on my stomach and again wiped it up with my fingers and swallowed what I imagined I had planted deep inside her.

(Truth)…I have known her for over 25 years and I have wanted to fuck her for just as long. Her name is Cindy (Lucinda), 5′ 7″ ish, about 135 pounds, brown hair, and she has an amazing body that not even her dress can hide. There isn’t one square inch of her I wouldn’t want to touch, lick, or rub my cock on.

Now for the fantasy that played out in my head as I jacked off at home laying in bed, naked, and hard. Stroking my cock and squeezing my balls…

(My Fantasy)…As Cindy sat next to me I took in her fragrances in long deep breaths. I Glanced over at her and saw her light blue dress settled between her firm thighs. I could just make out the little mound her pussy made as her dress rested over it. My eyes wandered down her legs to her black nylons, taught over her firm calves and hugging her sexy ankles. My cock twitched to the thought of her sexy feet in her black pumps. My eyes made their way back up her body, taking in her womanly figure. Her hands are delicate and feminine, with slim sexy fingers, small arousing wrists, and toned arms. Her stomach was flat and the seat belt was between her tits, pushing her dress against her chest, emphasizing her small, perfect tits. Her brown eyes, seductive, alluring, and tempting. Her brown hair, teasingly seen from under her bonnet. A few long, stray hairs rest against the side of her beautiful face.