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I m 22. I m fair skinned, with good figure and cute smile. I’m 5’7″. My figure is 32b-27-32. This incident is about me and my friend Rahul. He is a handsome guy with muscular body. Let’s come to story. This incident happened before 1 year. I was doing my graduation and he was my classmate. From starting I observed that he used to stare at me.

I likes this. I was broad minded girl. I used to wear clothes that shows my sexy figure. After few days of college started he used to chat with me online. I also use to chat. I was liking him. I used to char with him whole day. We started roaming in city. We evev use to hug each other and I started masturbations thinking about him. I decided to get off virginty by him. I made a plan. I started to seduce him. I used to go to his room. I used to wear tight clothing s and no bra. Then his birthday was coming so I decided to give him present as my pussy. So I booked a hotel room in a resort for 4 days. I told him that he has to come with me to a movie and took him to resort. He got surprised. Then I took him to our room.

Then I told him that no one knows we have came here. Then I told him lets go to pool. I changed into bikini by removing T-shirt and jeans and he also changed. He was going to pool but I told that our pool is bathtub of our room. I went into bathroom and waited for him to come under shower. I started shower and he came in. I pushed him towards wall and started kissing him. We started smooching. We were kissing wildly. We kissed for12-15min. By that time he opened my bra and took off my panty. I also took off his undy. He started sucking my boobss wildly. He sucked one boob and presses another. He continued this and my boobs turned red. He sucked and bit my nipples wildly. I was moaning and enjoying. I started sucking his cock.

I started sucking like a lollipop and kept it sucking wildly for 20min and then he cummed in my mouth. It was amazing feeling to drink his sperms. Then he saw my clean shaved pussy and licked it wildly. He lucked it such that I cummed in 5min. Then he started fingerininf me. He inserted one finger and I moaned loudly. It was paining. Then he brought soap and applied there. He then inserted finger and it went in some what. Then he didn’t wait and made me lye on floor and opened my legs wide and kept on his shouldersand brought his 6.5 inch monster near my pussy. He kept it on entering but it slipped off. Then he tried and kept it at entering but it didn’t go in. I was afraid. Then he pushed it in with full force and it went in 1/4.