Part 3, ventures into swinging.

Writing this’s biography has been a fascinating experience. Many of these events, all which took place about forty years ago, lay dormant in my mind. Until I met Master Chuck, no one had ever thought to ask me about my past and how I came to be what I am today. I plan on explaining why I chose to share my story another time. It has dredged up all sorts of feelings- good, and bad. I will tell you, dear reader, that explaining this has also caused me to be very horny in a very different manner.

Some of you have read just part one and contacted me about it. I posted part two.

Yes, I am very real. The events were very real. The people I mentioned are very real. A few are actually Xhamster friends this very day. I imagine some newly present Xhamster friends will be part of a future part of my saga. But, I digress.

As a single girl and living alone in an apartment in North Dallas about 1980, I would frequent certain disco clubs to dance. As I went dancing every week, usually on a Thursday night, I came to know the bouncer of one of the clubs, Tyrone.  Yes, the old cliche name of a black man. Tyrone and I dated some and the sex was wonderful.

If you noticed, I am very fair completed and I love the contrast in skin tones. There is something about seeing a dark cock part my labia and pump in and out of me that is exciting. Another thing I noticed about this man was how he fucked me. I was used and pleased at the same time. Orgasms were always intense!

Well, one Friday evening after I had gotten home from work, Tyrone phoned me and asked me to be his date and go with him to a friend’s house for dinner. As far as I knew, we would be the only couple there. Tyrone and I decided to drive our own vehicles in case I felt the need to leave, I could do so at any time. 

When we got to the house of his friend, Mike, we found him in the process of cooking dinner. After eating his delicious food, Mike said the he had dessert for me. He got on his telephone and began to call a few guys over to play. 
Mike and Tyrone took me upstairs to a bedroom and wanted me to suck their cocks. I didn’t mind the attention and sucked them one at a time. Within about 20 minutes or so, more guys began to show up for play. While I sucked one cock, at a time,  Mike would fuck me. Then Tyrone. I had another guy get me to stroke his cock with my hand, while I had a cock in my mouth. 

If I remember, I sucked, fucked and licked 12 guys that night. It was my first gang bang. A Hispanic girl came by and got in on the action. I cannot recall her name. But, as she was getting played with, a guy who was about my age,  took me to another bedroom for private time with him. I remember his name was Jimmy. His cock was so big but he was able to stick it in all my holes and fuck me. We fucked and sucked all night with me taking turns with guys who had recovered and wanted more. Tyrone went home and I stayed until morning.