I walked down the hallway as loud rock music came from speakers in the pool house. Upon reaching the entrance to the open plan living space I saw Jasmine sitting on the end of the couch legs spread with a curvy brunette face between them. The brunette was wearing a unbuttoned blouse her big tits hanging down, skirt bunched up around her hips, wearing garter belt stockings and high heels was unaware I was watching the show.

I stood watching my step daughter tell this woman where to put her tongue, her fingers how many etc… Jasmine was completely naked her body had the best features of Indian / English parents. Tall lithe body with big pert breasts and a great ass that she often paraded partially covered when I was home.

She opened her eyes as she came. She looked me straight in the eyes as I took in the scene.


The woman tried to turn her head and get away. Jasmine held the woman’s head firmly between her legs against her young cunt.

“Keep licking me Diane” Jasmine spanked the woman firmly on the ass. Once. Twice. Three times. I thought the clothes had a designer / expensive look about them. Diane is the next door neighbour who is always with Jasmine’s mother shopping, golf at the Country Club, at the beauty spa… Well you get the idea.

Her husband is a accountant for a medium sized business. Boring as fuck. She on the other hand is a submissive girl never seen in trousers always in bespoke clothes packaging her sexy figure. I often get a bit stiff when I see her. Now I was fucking rock hard.

Jasmine held Diane by her long hair as she let her breath.

“Daddy has a big hard cock Diane. I know I’ve seen it.” She was talking to me but looking at Diane.
“Would you like Daddy to fuck your asshole Diane?”
Diane protested and tried to look at me. “Help me Steve. Please.”

“Daddy you want to fuck her? Don’t you Daddy. Stick that massive hard cock in the ass of the woman who licks your wife to orgasm every morning after you have gone to work. Just to taste your cum deposits in mummy’s pussy.”

I was angry, turned on, confused. What my wife did with this woman after I left for the office. My step daughter grinned she liked pushing the right buttons. I strode over and laid my hands firmly on Diane’s ass cheeks. She flinched and yelped in pain. I grabbed her by the hair and led her to my mancave pushed her in and locked the door. I turned and walked back to Jasmine who was standing with a smug look on her face drinking a glass of wine.

“I did it for you Daddy. I lured her over and seduced her for you to punish Daddy.” Jasmine pushed her tits out then turned bent over straight legged giving me a great view of her wet slit and a little toy in her butt. My cock throbbed in my trousers as I quickly caught up with her, grabbed her arm, sat down on couch and pulled her over my lap. I spanked her ass until it was red, my hand was saw. I was overtaken with rage.