I watched that sleek body of hers as she washed up. My heart started pounding in my ribcage, and I could only imagine what was under that dress. Oh I didn’t want to embarrass myself, but I was getting hard already. I should really have turned away and saved ourselves an awkward moment.

But as I turned away, she asked me, “Could you help me a bit”. Caught. I’ll need to do the best I can.

There was only a limited room around the sink, and we kept brushing up against one another. It was innocent, but when she turned, I could feel her rear rub against the lump in my pants. Nature designed us both that way – I felt tingles up my cock.

She must have felt it too. She turned and looked me straight in the eyes. Fixed me with her stare. I couldn’t pull away.

“You are married, but you find me very attractive I see.”

I had to be honest now. “I’m sorry, but you are a gorgeous woman. My body reacts to that. There’s little I can do to avoid that.”

I saw a slight smile on her face. She said “You know in Europe, we are not so uptight as you Americans. Feeling a woman’s breast is not considered cheating.” She guided my hand under her shirt. She was wearing no bra! I could feel her stiffening nipple. My heart raced even more. I wanted her!

“Let’s have a discussion of what is cheating and what is not.” I said.

“Sure. I like debating.”

“If I start rubbing along the side of your body ever so gently, like this, well that could happen in a subway.” I was stroking her side, under her clothes. Her skin was so smooth!

“Absolutely, certainly not cheating.” She was caressing my chest, running her fingers through my chest hairs.

“I heard in Europe nudity is not such a taboo thing among unmarried people. May I undress you?” I started undressing myself. She nodded, smiling impishly, and raised her arms as I removed her dress.

She was standing before me, her breasts bare, and only her panties. They were wet! “Now let’s break the ice.” She said, as she pulled down my underwear so that my erect penis came out.

My Chinese Friend Part 1

“There” she said soothingly. “You could have hurt yourself if you didn’t let it out.”

“Feeling each other is not cheating is it? Doctors do” I said as I ran my hand over her breasts, down her body, and slid them under her panties. She too was feeling my body, then rubbed the palm of her hand over my erect penis. I could sense she was getting excited, so I peeled down her panties.

Now we were drawing closer to each other, and my cock was rubbing against her vagina. I kissed her passionately, deeply as she wrapped her arms around my head and body.

“What do you think” I said breathlessly. “Is oral sex cheating? No chance of a pregnancy.” In response she guided my head to between her legs. She had a tight pussy, but very moist and loosening. I tasted her juices, they were so good. I flicked her lips and felt her jump just a little. Her sex juices were flowing over my tongue. This was so dirty! But I didn’t want to stop. I was in heaven.