Ever since Liz had the first sexual encounter with that Italian guy, she became more open on internet when she chatted with new guys, and sometimes even encourage them to talk about sex.

Although she didn’t find many that she liked to meet in person, there was a Josh, 2 years older than her who she met with and kept in touch. Josh was a young white guy from a French speaking country, which she couldn’t remember what was called. They chatted with each other in the combination of English and Chinese. He’s average height, slim body. Josh always asked her for help if he needs to translate something, while she learnt some basic French from him. He was in a university in China when they first met, but was transferred to Guangzhou not long after that. So they didn’t really have more chance to see each other after their initial date. One day when they were texting, Josh asked Liz if she would like to be his girlfriend. Liz hesitated, but thought that she wouldn’t loose anything since he was in a different city. So she accepted. Since they confirmed their relationship, they got to start doing something sexual.

“I really wanna sleep with you. Your body must be so warm, soft and plushy.” Josh texted Liz one day.
“Haha. I am very warm in winter time, like a little heater.” She replied with a blushing face.
“Wow. That’s very nice. So you never slept with any boys before?” He texted.
“No. You are my first bf.” She answered.
“Oh, cool. So I guess I’m gonna take your first time, huh? I mean… you know what I mean.” He said.
“Sex? If we are gonna have sex, then yes, you’ll take my virginity.” She said.
“So do you wanna have sex with me?” He asked.
“Umm… I don’t know. We are not even in the same city now.” She said.
“Well, we can at least start talking about it. Are you okay with me talking about it?” He said.
“Yeah, that’s fine. You are free to say anything.” She said.
“That’s awesome babe. I think chubby girls are very sexy. Most girls here are too skinny here in China. I really like your body although I didn’t get much time to look at it last time when we met.” He said.
“Aha, you are kinda special. Most guys here in China prefer skinny girls. What do you like about me?” She asked. It’s always nice to hear compliments.
“You got a very cool vibe overall, with a cute face, big boobs, and a big ass. Very curvy.” He explained.
“lol. I actually don’t have big boobs.” She said.
“Really? Well, it’s hard to tell with all your clothes on. Looks decent size. Can you show me? Send me a pic?” He thought that was the perfect timing to see her body.
“Mmm. I don’t like to send photos of myself.” She refused. She’s afraid of sending photos since those can be a problem in the future if they broke up.
“Okay. I understand. So let’s just talk first.” He’s thinking about alternative ways. “So have you seen any dicks before?”
“Yeah…there are guys I chatted with online like to send me their dick photos.” Liz was very honest with him about that.
“Oh, really? I bet they all got hard for you. You like seeing cocks?” Josh continued to ask.
“I like to see different types…” Liz felt a little shameful acknowledging that.
“Nice. So I wanna show you mine as well. Can I call you on Skype?” Josh found it as a good opportunity.
“Hmm. Alright then. Skype me in 5 minutes.” She agreed.
After 5 minutes, he called in on Skype.
“Hi, Liz. How are you doing? I miss you a lot.” He said.
Liz smiled at him.
“Are you by yourself at home?” He asked.
“No. My grand parents are in asleep in the their room.” She said.
“Cool. You are so pretty, Liz. I like seeing you.” He wanted to praise her first before asking for more.
“Oh thank you.” Liz tried to be polite.
“I want to show you a video. Can I share screen with you?” He opened up a porn clip on his screen and wanted to use that to make Liz horny.
“Yeah. Sure.” Liz had no idea what he was going to share with her.
The video started off with a white guy kissing a chubby Asian girl, and then kissed her tits, and then he was fucking her in missionary positions and doggystyle. I was not a long clip, but it did show many aspects of sex.
“You like it?” He asked Liz after watching it.
Liz was kinda shocked since it was her first time seeing porn together with another guy. She didn’t know what to say. So she tried to come up with something to ask.
“Do you watch porn a lot?” That was the question she picked.
“Oh yeah! I also masturbate when I watch these.” He answered.
“Oh. Okay.” Liz didn’t know how to continue the conversation again.
“ What about you? Do you watch and masturbate?” He asked.
“Mmm… Sometimes.” She answered with a very shy tone.
“I’m actually hard now. Do you wanna see me jerking off?” He felt so horny siting in the chair.
“Umm.. I can’t stop you.” She said with a kinky tone.
“Great!” So he pulled down his pants and his dick popped out.
He started wanking, and asked her, “Is mine big?”
“I don’t know.. it’s hard to tell on screen.” She said.
“That’s fine. Mine is 18cm, and you’ll know how long it is when I fuck your little pussy.” He started being more aggressive.
Liz’s face blushed.
“Can you show me your boobs?” He began to ask to see her body.
“Mmm… Okay.” Liz was only wearing a large T-shirt with no bra. She took off her T-shirt halfway and squeezed her boobs to show him. She then used her fingers to press on her nipples.
“OMG babe! You are so sexy! I love your tits! They are perfect size! Oh I wanna kiss them so much!” He’s so excited, still jerking off.
“Can you stand up and let me see your body?” He asked.
Liz put her T-shirt back on and stood up. Her T-shirt covered right at the bottom of her big round ass. So her thick thighs are completely exposed.
“Whoo! You got a really hot body, Liz. Turn around and let me see your big booty.” He instructed her what to do.
Liz was quite obedient and turned around pulling up her T-shirt to show her big ass.
“Oh god! I can’t wait to slap that ass!” He’s surprised by how big her ass is. It was built for some hardcore pounding. He’s wanking even faster.
“Now take off your underwear and bend down a little bit.” He told her to show him more of her ass.
Liz pulled down her underwear to her knees, and bent down, so her entire ass was exposed to him.
“Wow Liz! You are the most sexy girl I’ve ever met! My dick is bursting now. Can you do something to make it even harder?” He wanted her to be creative and see what she would offer.
Liz used her hands to rub her ass cheeks and then spread them out to show him her little asshole. And she bent down even more so her pussy can be seen as well.
“Oh fuck! You are absolutely amazing! Such a good girl! I wanna lick your holes so bad! They look so fine!” He got really turned on now.
“Lay down on your bed baby girl, and masturbate together with me. We should have fun together.” He told her.
Liz laid down and open up her legs and start to masturbate with her fingers.
She occasionally spread her pussy open to let him see how fresh and pink it is inside. She also showed him her fingers as there’s a lot of clear juice from her pussy.
“Fuck, Liz! I want to suck your juicy pussy so badly! And I’m gonna penetrate you deep!” He started jerking off like crazy.
Liz was rubbing her clit, poking into her pussy, and even rubbing her asshole. She enjoyed it. She finally felt the orgasm not after long. She was moaning lightly and get up to sit in front of her laptop. He was still stroking himself.
“I’m about to come, Liz! Open your mouth! I’m gonna let you eat all my cum!” He’s almost there.
“Move your little tongue for me Liz babe! Your mouth is so sexy! I’m coming now!” He screamed. Liz kept her mouth open and saw his cum shooting out everywhere.
They ended their video chat after saying good night.