”so thats what going to happen now Alex”
”you better run as fast as you can and hide , im done with you little thief”

”if i catch you , im fucking your holes open until you become a little white slut loving cock”

I started running toward the wood , my hearth was pounding so hard in my chest

at the camping his son my friend sleeping im the camper his father angry at me for stealing candies earlier today

i was hidden near a bush i was scarred
i didnt want this tall black guy to catch me….i didnt want to be a girl for him

”stupid boy yo u think i cant see you”

”ahhhh nooooo”

i ran and he caught me , throw me on the grass and i crawl looking back at him catchiong me legs


”no one will help you girly boy”

my pants removed i stood up and he punched me , u fell down dizzy m stomach hurting bad

he lift my face sit on me my hands lift over my head and he plunged his fat black cock in my mouth

”there we go little thief opem up, im going to turn your holes into my cum bucket”

”fucking stupid bitch”

”look at you now , sucking cock , get me all in bitch”

his bbc pushing in , my friend father using my mouth, opening it like a pussy
”oh yes you gonna be sucking my son too i bet you love cock”

”you gonna be a white slut for bbc, im gonna listen to you take my son cock and be his hole in which he trains to get better at fucking”

”….fffff mffffffff ”

”move your hands down like this ”
”hold your knees and dont leave them or i fuck your mouth tied up”

in the forest opening wide holding my knees i look up at my dad friends making me into a cock sucker

he was so big, so string, i couldn’t stop a man like him

he made me feel like a looser, a small cock looser my lil prick out , he laught at it , little little cock he said loud

”repeat after me”

”iam a little white boi with a tiny cock”
”so i suck better black dick in secret”

i look up and said it
”good boy i want you ti remeber these words they will get handy for you”

”as you meet strong black daddy at park at nigt”

”oh yes you gonna do this all the time”

”going out in the park at night to suck real man big cock”

‘look at me when i talk to you”

”stupid boy”

he dumped in my mouth and made me drink it slapping my face if i didnt

back at the camping site i had no choice

i got in my friend tent, he was sleeping

”alex whats up?”


”im a small cock white boy , Mike i want to suck you”