It wasnt the first time she jokes about shoving her toy in my cute ass

we had been together for 3 month and one night sucking me she shove a finger in me , taking me off guard i look down as i filled her mouth cumming instant her finger deep fingering me with her spit she used to slide in easy

she smilled at me squealing on her finger and got me empty

”you like it hihi”

kissing me

”i could fit my toy in there and make you cum im pretty sure”

”you are crazy you surprised me i was close to cum”

”if you say so”

mounting my face like i know she likes
head on my pillow my gf riding rubbing on my face

”you will smell pussy all around your face , im so wet”

i was licking and getting face ride by my cute gf who always have lots of fun keeping me under her pussy

she came and look at me smiling face wet of her juice

we watch netflix and went to sleep my face still smelling pussy , i drift asleep

the next day she woke me with the feeling of her mouth on my cock i open my eyes to see he sucking me under the drap just the draps moving up and down i wanted to lift the draps but i move my arm and they were strapped to our bed head

i felt it touch my hole and i knew exactly what she was doing
”fuck i said i didnt want to ahhhhhh shittt Iza ”
the toy poping up

her mouth working on my hard cock i tried to concentrate and not cum my ass open by her toy

”mmmmm your ass so sexy baby i love how cute it opens up”

”Izaa shit wait wait dont dont”

sliding it back in with more lube
”what you gonna cum getting fuck by my toy baby? ”

she was giggling removing the draps from her head

”here we go”


her toy was turn on and she dive in watching me eye wide open

”ahhhhhh fuckkkk not like this”

”oh yes like this , i always love that cute ass, i think its prettier than mine”

i look speechless my cute gf fucking her toy in me

”you are so hard , you like this dont lie”

back at sucking my cock

i relax and moan my ass fuck more lube added

i cum so hard i never thought i cum like this before

she took it all and still tied up i saw her mouth closed come toward me and she took my head in her hand and drop all of my cum on my face

i stop talking and closed my eyes until she mounted my face
and rub on it , wet and full of my own cum she rubb her pussy so hard i could breath
tasting my own cum as i got face fuck by my horny teen gf