Growing up I’ve always had an interest in spankings. I’m sure it all started from being spanked as a k**. I’m a happily married 52 year old white male. To give you a better picture of me, I’m 6ft, 195 lbs, short red hair, smooth body, 5 1/2 inch cut cock, decent shape.
My curiosity to receive a spanking as an adult grew more and more. I was wanting to be spanked by an older man. Not a severe spanking, but one that would leave my ass red. And to have a feeling of shame, embarrassment, guilt and being exposed to another man, a complete stranger, in such a naughty way.
I signed up to a gay spanking fetish website, and after some time, I finally met an older gentleman that was interested in helping me with my fantasy. In my website profile, I included that I have been secretly wearing my wife’s lingerie for the past several years. We chatted back and forth for a few weeks. Then I finally got the courage to agree on a spanking meeting. He set up a scenario to ensure I would feel ashamed, embarrassed, guilty and exposed. Part of the meeting details were that I was to be wearing my wife’s panties, bra and high heels. I agreed to wear them.
The meeting took place at my house. It was on a Sunday. My wife always went to visit her mom on Sundays after church, so I had about a two hour window.
I got dressed for the meeting wearing panties, bra and heels as instructed. My heart was racing, I was so incredibly nervous and was wanting to abort the whole idea. About that very moment I received a text message from him saying “I’m here”.
I peeked out the window and he was parked out front. I texted back “come on in”.
I opened the front door and watched him walk up the sidewalk, he could see me through the glass storm door and gave a quick wave as he was walking up. I opened the storm door for him and welcomed him in with a hello. He responded with “Hello Andy, I take it your wife isn’t here?”
I said she was at her mothers.
“Good boy”.
He was looking me over and told me to put my hands on my head with my feet slightly apart so he could get a better look. I followed his instructions.
“You look nice and slutty Andrew” He pulled out his cell phone and took several pictures of me as he circled around. I had agreed to let him do that previous to the meeting. As he moved around me, his hand was feeling me all over. He said “Have you been a bad boy Andy?”.
“Yes daddy”.
He stopped in front of me and told me to look up, which I did. He pulled down the front of my panties and secured the waistband under my balls. My heart was pounding! He started fondling my cock and balls. “You are indeed a naughty boy Andy”
My cock grew from being semi soft to being hard as a rock! “Your dick is kinda on the small side Andy. Your wife must not have high expectations sexually”. What he said made me feel insignificant, but I couldn’t say a word because it was true.
He stepped back and told me to look at him as he took more pictures.
“Ok Andy, spread your feet apart just a little wider, bend forward at the waist and put your hands on your knees”.
“yes daddy”
He walked behind me and started running his hands on my pantied bottom. “That’s a good girl”. Then he pulled down my panties half way to my knees. “You have a very feminine looking ass Andy”. He took more pictures. “What’s your wife’s name Andy?”
“Well Andy,” as he groped and squeezed my ass cheeks, “You’re now officially cheating on Jenny and it’s time for you to pay a little for being a bad husband”.
He had me stand up and lead him to the kitchen/dining room. I had already moved the chairs from one side of the small, sturdy country style kitchen table. He then had me sit on the edge of the table and lay back. My panties were at my knees, and my dick was pointing at the ceiling. He then had me slide myself to where my ass was just off the edge of the table. My cock was super hard! He had me lift up my legs bent at the knees, then he pulled my panties around my ankles and spread my knees wide apart, making my panties stretch between my ankles. I was totally and shamefully exposed to him!
He then said “Stay right there Andy, I have to run out to my car and get my good camera”.
“Ok daddy”
He walked out of the house. I was laying there with a hardon kind of stunned, acknowledging to myself that this was really happening!
I herd him walk back in the front door, and as he walked into the kitchen I saw that he was video recording me. He said as he recorded “And this man, ladies and gentlemen, is Andrew E**i. I’m here today to give this naughty boy a spanking for cheating on his wife. What’s your wife’s name again Andy?”
“It’s Jenny” I said nervously.
“Jenny what Andy? Say her full married name!”
“Jennifer L***** E**i” I said clearly feeling so embarrassed.
“Good Girl Andy”.
He turned the camera off and set it up on a tripod he had brought in from the car. I had a huge feeling of butterflies in my tummy knowing how wrong this was.
“Don’t worry Andy, this will all be over soon.”
The camera was set up high and at an angle slightly off to the side to get a good view of my ass and face.
“When I start the camera Andy, keep your face toward the camera looking at it the entire time”.
“Yes daddy”.
“Ok, here we go”, he turned on the camera, then walked to the side opposite the camera angle as not to obstruct the view of me laying on the table. “And one more time for the viewers please state your full married name”.
“Andrew Charles Elzi
He then grabbed my dick and gave it a few firm strokes. “Are you ready Andy?”
“Yes daddy”
He grabbed my right ankle with his left hand leaving his right hand free to swat my ass. He started swatting my ass. Alternating from cheek to cheek with each swat landing about every two seconds. Right away I could feel the sting from his bare hand. The sound of the swats were pretty loud in the kitchen, and each swat was making my stiff dick bounce around. A steady rhythm of continuous stinging swats landing on my bare ass. My cheeks were starting to feel very warm at a barely tolerable level of pain. I just laid there like a helpless, worthless excuse of a man.
“Ok Andy. We made it to sixty swats. The number we agreed I would stop at. Are you sorry for cheating on Jenny?”
“Yes I am daddy!”
“Oh Andrew! For some reason, I don’t believe you are!” He grabbed my dick with his swatting hand. “If you were truly sorry, this little pecker wouldn’t still be this hard, now would it!?” He started stroking my dick some. My dick was so incredibly hard!
“ I am so very sorry daddy”
“I’m not so sure Andy! If I didn’t know better, I would say you’re about to cum!”
My dick was about to squirt at the moment he let go!
“Well little girl, I think another sixty swats, don’t you think?”
“Ok daddy”
He took my panties all the way off and put them in his pocket. “Spread your legs wide for me Andy”
My legs were as wide as I could get them, and he grabbed my right ankle again pushing it back making my butt raise up from the edge of the table. I felt so completely exposed! “Are you ready Andrew?”
“Yes daddy”
“Ok you naughty little shit!”
His hand slapped my ass very firmly! Harder than before! It stung like hell! Back into the rhythm again but at a quicker pace. I started to moderately yelp in pain. My hard dick was bouncing with each swat! He stopped at fifty swats.
“Last ten Andy!”
My ass was hot and throbbing in pain. “You can cry if you want to little girl! Are you ready?!”
I could only slightly nod my head yes. I thought I might actually cry!
And then ten very hard swats to my burning bottom! Fast, hard, burning swats! I was hollering one long cry! And then he stopped.
“Great job Andy! You took your spanking really well”.
“Thank you daddy”.
“But twenty more swats should make your spanking complete!”
He had me wrap my arms inside my knees and grab my ankles. Then had me push my legs as far back as I could. This made my ass raise very high off of the table and my dick very close to my face!
“That’s it Andy! Your little pussy hole pointing right at the ceiling”
He gave my dick a few quick strokes, then started swatting my ass! Landing swats on my cheeks and butt hole! Twenty fast, hard, stinging swats! I made another long, continuous “AAAHHHHHH!!” holler!
The swats stopped. My ass was stinging and hot! I could hardly breathe!
“Great Job Andy!! Oh my! You took that very well!!”
“Thank you daddy” I said with a quiet shaky voice.
“You’re spanking is finished for today. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed doing that to you! And it’s absolutely needed as a wimpy husband!”
I was so relieved it was over. My entire ass felt so warm and stinging. He had me keep my legs spread bent at the knees with my hands holding my legs to support them. He gently rubbed my bottom for a couple of minutes including my dick and balls. My dick drooped a bit during the last part of the spanking but became fully stiff again.
“Do you feel ashamed Andy?”
“Yes daddy”
“Are you sorry for cheating on your wife Jenny? Be truthful Andy”.
“No daddy”.
He grabbed my stiff dick again slowly stroking it.
“Do you want to do this again in the future Andrew?”
“Yes daddy”
“Good girl. It’s time to finish up. One last shameful part left”.
He stood right in front of my ass, with my butt hole still pointing at the ceiling. He ran his hands all over my ass, balls and dick. Then he had me let go of my legs and spread them wide again. My hands fell to the table. He ran his hands up my belly to my bra covered chest and started grabbing my chest as if they were boobs. He pushed up the bottom of my bra and exposed my nipples. He groped my chest and pinched my nipples for a minute. Then he moved back off to the side where he was before.
“Look into the camera Andy” I felt so embarrassed and exposed.
“Grab the edge of the table Andy” I did what I was told. “Spread your legs as wide as you can! I want your slut heels and legs pointing out in one big V”
I spread my legs as wide as I could, looking like a whore ready to be fucked.
“Look at the camera Andy!”
He grabbed my dick again. “One last time, please state you and your wife’s full married names and your phone number!”
I replied “My name is Andrew Charles Elzi, my wife’s name is Jennifer L***** E***, my phone number is three zero three, nine zero six, seven eight four three”
He then proceeded to jack me off! His grip was firm. And in just a few moments I was squirting a huge load all over my belly!
“Oh my Andy! That’s a really good girl! Such a naughty little slut!”
My dick has never squirt so much in my life! He completely drained my balls! I just laid there feeling so completely used and exposed.
“Ok Andy, I’m all finished for today.”
He shut off his camera. “You stay right there for a couple minutes until I’m gone.”
“Ok daddy”
He grabbed his camera and tripod and walked out of the kitchen. “Until next time Andy!”My first embarrassing spanking exposedMy first embarrassing spanking exposed 2My first embarrassing spanking exposed 3My first embarrassing spanking exposed 4My first embarrassing spanking exposed 5