I had a great experience
My some of the whole time dreams my imagination came true
So let’s begin to make this memory alive for ever

At morning I was online I had chats with many of them on b***d app
But very few were online
I made chats with some new friends on ground chats
After getting bored
I watched porn
And at last after too much hornyness I mastrubated
Then I swallowed my cum as usual as if I don’t wanted to let it go waste
Then I sleped at morning 4.00 am
At morning with the whole night Hard dick I woked up
And saw my messages on blued
It was able tesfaye’s message (c****e L***s)
He was my hidden crush after seeing his innocence smile and his sexy body on instagram
He had asked whether you will meet me today
Then after discussing he decided to meet in the P***y nursery at 5.45 pm
It’s too close to me

I told the whole incedent only to my friend
I had told him earlier only about ‘c****e ‘

The whole day I just ignore all the discussion
Than after too much effort I made my plan
To go freely.
It was a lockdown and I was at my home for 4 months.
I had not steped out or meet any one outsider.
It was my first date, I was very excited.
I took a bath
Had shampoo on my hairs
Whore nice clothes
Then I saw his massage too late
He had told that he was not sure whether we will meet today
And I replied him that I am ready but at that time he was offline .
I decided I had done my clothes
So why not just go and rome near the nursery
So I had the message on his instagram message that I have him my contact number and he may call me if I didn’t receive his message
I had stepped out of my house after 4 months so everyone was asking where I was going out
I told everyone that I am just roaming here and there
I reached the nursery
There where too many people coming again and again near the nursery
So I was afraid why there are so many people roaming here
I had seen so many people after a very long time

#My first day to step out after lockdown
@ I am meeting someone outer person after the lockdown
# I am meeting ceonne for first time
# my first official date
# my first meeting with a gay person
# first visit to the nursery
Which is full of its bueaty

I was waiting out of the nursery and it was raining outside

I received a call I did not recognise the voice
He told are you …
I could not understand
But he told that are you coming near the nursery
Then I got he was he
So I told him that I had reached there already
Than he told
“Ok than I am coming there in 10-15 minutes”
I waited there
Then he again called me and told it’s raining so he is waiting in a shelter he will reach soon there after the rain stops