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I have been a fan of this blog for quite some time and it’s been really great. So I thought to finally pen down my experiences as well. I hope you guys will be with me throughout.

So, why not begin with the time I lost my virginity. This might be a little long for some people but if you guys are the “full details” person then you might love this. Forgive me for any mistakes

This happened a bit after I turned 19. Our 12th standard final exams were approaching and everyone was busy with extra classes and all that.

My boyfriend then was a muslim guy called Adnan. He was really fair, muscular and had a cute smile. Many girls had a crush on him. I, on the other hand, was not that good looking. God knows how he fell in love with me.

Well, maybe it was because of my boobs, because puberty hit me a little hard and I was quite chubby at that time and surprisingly my boobs had outgrown all my other body parts.

I used to see guys ogling at my boobs all the time but I never had the intentions to expose back then (underline ‘back then’ lol).

We were on the last day of class and after that, we would directly appear for exams which were 2 weeks later. Adnan looked really sad that day.

When enquired he told me it was because his parents wanted him to join a college in Kolkata after this and he was sad that he wouldn’t see me after today. Even I felt sad and gave him a reassuring kiss on his forehead and went back to class.

We were sitting on the last bench of our class and there were almost 10 students sitting here and there. The teacher came in and started writing some questions on the board.

As soon as she turned towards the board, my boyfriend Adnan placed his left hand on my thigh. He was looking straight at the board and writing down with his right hand and acting as if nothing had happened. Even I thought that’s all and didn’t bother it much.

Slowly, he began moving his hand to the other thigh. Simultaneously, he was also moving upwards. My skirt which was up to my knees had gone up and almost reached my main part. I was getting afraid and whispered to him to stop. But he was in no mood and kept on massaging my thighs.

He moved my skirt a bit more further up and pinched my pussy over my panties. An electric shock passed through my body and I suddenly caught his hand. I was scared of getting caught by someone.

My breathing had become fast and I was sweating. I pleaded him to stop. My boyfriend looked at me smiling said, “You liked it, didn’t you?”. I said, scared, “You are gonna get us caught!!”. And he replied, “So, you liked it..”

I literally blushed cause it was true. And because of my upbringing, all this was new to me because till then, I hadn’t watched porn nor didn’t I know much about all this. He was still smiling.