This is a story I have previously written on another platform, but thought I would transfer it over. I have 2 others I will be sharing as well. This first experience takes place back early July (2020).

Yesterday I went to his house. I’ve been seeing his regularly for the past 6-7 months, but today we did something very different than we usually do. Usually, when I go over it’s a standard routine where I suck him for an hour or so, he cums in my mouth and then fucks me for another 30 mins until he finishes inside of me, and then I leave. However, the other day he messaged me saying he wanted to train me on Friday and for me not to eat a lot that day. He mentioned how I am always asking if there is more I can do, and he might have found a way for me to accomplish that with the training. But he also told me that the training would be very rough, and if I didn’t want to do it, or if I wanted to stop, we could. But that the training should help. So yesterday, I was super nervous and couldn’t eat anyway. But still drank a decent amount of water.

On the way to his house, I received a text from saying when I got there, for me to take my clothes off at the door, get in the shower and turn it on, and to get on my knees and he would join me shortly after. Then he reminded me of what he had said the day before about it going to be rough, but that it would help me be better at my desire for wanting to do more. He finished off saying “btw, I’ve been drinking a lot of water and coke today, so hope you’re ready.” At this point, my mind is racing and I’m even more nervous than I already had been. But I got to his house and did what he said. I walked in, and all the lights were off except maybe two (the bathroom and another one in the distant part of his house), I shut the door, took my clothes off, and then proceeded with the rest of what he asked me. My nerves must have been getting to me, because it felt like I was kneeling there waiting, forever. He actually has a really nice shower. It has a detachable shower head on both sides, and each of them have their own adjustable hot and cold water. It also has a little built in seat along one of the sides. Finally, he walked in, and I couldn’t really look up because the water would have gotten in my eyes anyway, but I could see his dick in front of my face, and knew what I was expected to do.

So, I started sucking him, and probably was sucking him about 2-3 mins, before I felt his hands grab the sides of my head and hold it in place. He then slowly started to move his cock in and out of my mouth. Not deep at first, just 4-6 inches. He did that for a short while, before slowly starting to go deeper and deeper. I wasn’t able to handle that very long. It eventually got where I was almost gagging with every deep thrust. At first, he wasn’t holding me down when he thrusted in. It was just a very steady in-and-out, and so I was able to breath between each thrust. He kept that up for a while, but eventually started holding me down a little longer each time over time. My gag reflex was not being my friend though. During one of the thrusts, he held his head down, and all I could go was gag and try to hold it in. I panicked a little bit, but was able to maintain it keep it down. After about 10 seconds he let up, and went back to the steady, even strokes. He did this off and on for about 10-15 mins, and then let me go back to sucking him normal again for a bit before grabbing my head again.