Most of my best stories start out the same way: Hubby was out of town. This true story happened a few decades ago when my husband was gone on a hunting trip. My crazy, blonde, and gorgeous cousin, Louise, was visiting for a week or so and one of my slaves, Spenser, was also at the house. He was a Ranger in the Army and home on leave. We were all in our 20s.
My First Trip to an Adult Bookstore

Louise and I had been laughing at the ads in the back of a PlayGirl magazine. (Someone had given me a subscription for a previous birthday!) One ad showed a Hippity Hop with a nodule on the top. You could choose from a variety of dildos to affix to the top of the Hippity Hop, and then ride the hell out of it. Great idea actually. But anyway, we got to talking about sex toys, when I came up with the brilliant idea for us to find an adult book store and go tour all the toys and such. I always come up with crazy ideas. Many of my ideas are out there, but my friends could not bear to miss out on one of my adventures.

So the place I found in the phone book, Alabama Adult Books, was naturally in a questionable part of town. It’s on 3rd Avenue where the hookers stroll. Oh Boy!!! It was daylight when we went, but the young girls were there on the corner and had a cow over Spenser (strapping young lad.) He was not leaving our side, plus he looked like Mac Daddy with Louise and I on either arm. The place was large and darkish. There was one bored looking skinny guy behind the counter who barely glanced up at us as he poured over some magazine. We walked around gawking at the sheer variety of items there. Lord, they had everything!!! So much I had never even thought of.

On one counter there were 5 life size heads, all lined up with their mouths wide open in an eternal O. One was a blonde, one a brunette, one a red head, and the last girl had black hair. The 5th’s name was Jack, and he had a goatee!! Well, I was still pretty naïve at that time, and just fell apart over Jack! I thought he was awesome! There was something for everyone!!! You could pour lube into a place on the top of their heads to moisten the mouth! God I wish I could remember the name of the lube. It was something catchy. They had copious amounts of it in gallon and half gallon sizes stacked all over the store.

Next we saw my first life sized sex doll. I forget her name, but we will call her Janice. She had that realistic looking skin and the same frozen O mouth. She also had two holdouts where you could add tons of the lube: one for her mouth, and one for her pussy and anus. Her pussy and anus looked a bit gaped, but otherwise seemed fairly accurate. She may have cost like $3000.00 at the time, but whatever it was seemed very expensive.