Part 4 – Getting Involved

We almost never watch porn movies, and the few times we watch we never get to the end. But this was much better then porn coz it was real. Real people, no stupid overdone acting which for me makes porn uninteresting… While we were fascinated by this scene, an older man came to me and was bothering me with his conversation which I did not understand because of the local language. He was drunk and was disturbing us. I said to C: “let’s go to restroom” just to be able to escape from him. There C went to the men’s room and said he would wait for me at the bar just around the corner where he could have another drink. Same time I noticed the old guy left the club. So instead of going into the ladies room, which I didn’t need, I hurried back to the place where the 4 guys were playing with the woman. I was attracted like a magnet to that area where the sexual action was and even forgot about C for a while. When I came back the men just traded places… I came as close as possible and wanted to see every detail… I was that close if I wanted I could almost touch them…much better than using peepholes! Matt was still kissing her but now one of the guys was sliding his cock into her pussy! Seeing this live took my breath away! The other two where kissing her all over…I found it so hard to believe that Matt let the other man fuck his beautiful wife!

I was not the only one watching, some other single man stood there while stroking their cocks… Maybe hoping of having a chance as well…. I never saw so many hard cocks in real in my life and I got very aroused… I was even not aware that I started to touch my own breasts and my nipples that became real hard being the voyeur like that… My scarf lost his function to hide my boobs and I really did not care about it that I was standing there half naked….My scarf was bothering me and I took it off and hung over the chair next to me. Putting away my scarf and revealing my naked upper body got the attention of several guys… At that moment I was the only woman there, except for the girlfriend that was being shared. Now maybe 7, 8 or more men were standing around the scene watching the MMFMM. A few of them changed their focus on me… First one, then two more turned to me standing in a little half circle around me. They did not say anything, they just where jerking off slowly while looking at my half naked body and me touching myself. I remember I proudly put my shoulders back and boobs forward to them and only made one move with my arm to show them I did not wanted to lose my view on the 5 other people who were having sex there… They understood and moved in such way I had perfect view again…the guys that focused on me where clearly friends and knew each other and started talking with me but I could not understand and their English was very limited… They gave me sign to take of my skirt but I refused… Not that I did not wanted to take it of coz I was exited enough now to give them to see what they wanted to see but my brain said no, coz maybe C would not like that.. What I learned in last week and for sure this evening is that I like to be watched so that gives me a new “hobby”: being exhibitionist! The guys where maybe somewhere between 25 and 30 and it was hot seeing them playing with their young tools out of their jeans…instead of taking of my skirt I putted one foot on the chair which brought my skirt completely up, opened my leg a little bit so I could touch and show off my pussy to them while breathing through my open mouth…First I could not understand why they came to me instead of watching the hot scene I was witnessing myself.. When I thought about this it seemed logical coz maybe they thought to get more from me then only showing of my body to them… Or maybe they were more attracted to me, not taken yet by any other guy…maybe I was just hot to watch? Anyway, my focus was still on the other 5!