Part 7 – The Day After
My First Visit at a Swingclub - Part 7 - The Day A
Next morning during breakfast C was looking at me in the eyes and asked that rhetorical question if I had a good time last night. I had a very good time sucking those cocks I replied and what about you? Amazing he said…”Cocks?” I only remember one? Oh yeah, have to admit something, hope you will not be angry but I got tempted unexpectedly the moment we lost each other for a while when you thought I was in ladies room. “Oh? And who” he asked. I told him I don’t want to have secrets so I explained in detail what happened – with Matt and my “dance-partner”. He did not say anything – just looking at me; then he started smiling and he said: “didn’t know you were such a little slut!” He said a pity he did not see that and was thinking how to punish me! That was a relief! “Little slut!” I took it as a compliment. C admitted that he was really turned on seeing me sucking Matt and then swallow his cum. For him that was the high light of the evening, even more then me and him fucking in public.

I was waiting when he will ask if we go back on Saturday but he did not say anything. The day passed as usual, spending time naked at the beach, naked shopping, naked ice-cream but I could not stop thinking about all the oral sex I received and gave last night. Matt’s request to take it a step further played on my mind as well and made me instant wet between my legs. C was thinking about this too but then from his perspective. He was teasing me by asking if I saw some other cock to suck at the beach, things like that. “Yeah”, I teased him back, “many! Just not possible to do that here” I said in the hope he would suggest Saturday evening.
Next day was Friday, so only one day left to manipulate C to invite me to the Club on Saturday. In the late afternoon we took our bicycle to go to the village and on our way we passed the Club that was located on the main road. The parking was empty coz it was still closed for daytime. We smiled when we passed but neither one of us said anything. I felt more and more disappointed.

We locked our bicycles and went for a walk in the shades of the narrow streets. Certain moment we passed a window of a small lingerie shop. They showed lot of beautiful and sexy things. I sighed and said “wish I had some of those last Wednesday instead of just the skirt and scarf” “You looked sexy baby” he replied to comfort me. “Yes, but it’s not the same”. “So next time you would prefer to show off in sexy lingerie?” he asked. The door was open and without saying anything I walked inside and started to check the things the lady was selling. I had a lot of stuff at home but nothing really sexy on this holiday. She did not have a lot I liked and when I liked it was not the right seize. Then I saw a 2 piece combination. It had a nice panties with a see through fabric on the bum and in front beautiful combination of see through and fine embroidery. The bra was in same fabric – combination see through and embroidery and like a half cup push up. I saw the panties are okay for seize but I asked if I could try the bra. C was joining me in the fitting room. When I put it on I saw in the mirror that it was a special model to keep my tits up but revealing my nipples completely. I saw C his twinkling eyes! “Can you imagine me walking like this in the club?” “Very exciting!” he said. “Should I take it?” “Yes take it and then Saturday you can show off again”. “Really?” I said in a way I was not expecting. “Hmm if you want” “Have to decide now then I guess – okay I take it!” and I hurried to pay before he changed his mind. Again I felt myself getting wet just thinking about the next day.