My Frat Buddy

Kai and I were hanging out in the frat house watching movies. We were the only ones at home as it was Friday night, and all our bro’s had dates. We had both recently broken up with our girlfriends, and did not feel like hitting the bars, so here we were, getting drunk in front of the TV. The movie we were watching was an oldie but a goody, Wild things.

We had just reached the Neve Campbell and Denise Richards swimming pool scene, which was hot. We both kind of looked at each other and laughed, we were both in basketball shorts so the fact that we both had boners was obvious. Realizing how horny we were and how hot Neve looked topless, Kai looked over and suggested that since we were here alone, we might as well just whip out our cocks and jerk off. It was ridiculous for us to sit here next to each other with boners, pretending we did not have them. We both knew we would stoke ourselves silly as soon as the movie was over, and we went to our rooms. We were both jocks and had seen each other’s cock in the locker rooms and the frat house showers, so no major surprises awaited us. I figured why not and pulled down my shorts, hooking them under my balls. I spit into my palm and started to rub my shaft, while watching Neve and Denise on the screen making out. From the corner of my eye I could see that Kai was doing the same, except he dropped his shorts down to his ankles.

The swimming pool scene in the movie was over, and we started talking about the hottest girls on campus and who we wanted to fuck. Us jerking off together did not really feel all that weird, it was almost like a bonding moment. I found myself thinking that guys should do this more often, instead of hiding in toilet stalls or under the covers at night. We all did it, so why were we embarrassed?

That is when Kai asked if I had ever traded bro jobs with anyone. I told him that I had not and that this was my first time even jerking off with another guy. He seemed surprised and told me that where he grew up on a country farm, there were not a lot of options for a guy to have sex, so he and his friends often had circle jerks and many of them had traded bro jobs. It was either that or farm a****ls and besides, it was no big deal, just a way to help another guy out when there was no pussy available.

He asked if I wanted to try it. I told him I was not sure, and it sounds a little gay. He told me there was nothing gay about it, we were both straight. He told me it felt much better than jerking off and if no one found out, where was the harm. He said that he would go first if that would make it easier for me, then I could reciprocate, trading off till we drained our balls. Without waiting for my response, he leaned over and took my hard cock into his hand and started licking the head. I let out an involuntary moan, he was working my cock fully into his mouth, bobbing up and down, while applying suction. I was still a little nervous, but he was quickly winning me over with his bro job. It was the best head I had ever received. I guess being a guy and having a cock of his own, he knew what felt good. Most of the girls
who had given me head, had done it somewhat reluctantly, and it seemed like they just wanted to get it over with.