My Friend Radhika And Her Boyfriend--1My Friend Radhika And Her Boyfriend--1 2My Friend Radhika And Her Boyfriend--1 3

It will be a little large in length but trust me you will love it. She is 26 years old and his figure is 32-30-32.

I know this story in detail because she is my best friend and we share everything in detail. Radhika is a teacher and Aman is working as a senior accountant in the same school. I am going to narrate this story as Radhika.

I am working as a computer teacher in a school and due to office work, I have to go to the school academic section. Where every day I noticed a very cute and smart guy looked at me and passed a very cute smile. I came to know from other teachers that he is Aman the new senior accountant.

I was not able to understand if he is new here why he smiled for me. I decided not to smile in response and show some attitude. On the next day, I went to the academic section. When he came in front of me again he was smiling and this time I ignored him. Every day I repeat this.

After 3 days he heard someone called my name in a very romantic voice when I looked back it was Aman. He said.

Aman: Radhika!

Me: Yes?

Aman: How are you?

Me: I am good. Why are you asking?

Aman: Actually I noticed from some days that you are not looking happy as before.

Me: No! It’s not like that. Btw from how many days you are noticing me?

Aman: From day one I joined.

Me: May I know why?

Aman: I don’t know. You have a very attractive smile. And your eyes so much shining that I am not able to stop myself to notice you.

Then some other staff came and he went. But I could see he was literally blushing and his romantic voice was like a violin in my ears. After school, I was thinking about him the full night. And in next morning when I went in his section he smiled.

I too smiled in response. In this way, our friendship started and we talked after school on the phone and chat also. We started caring for each other. We both loved each other but not showing the courage to tell. One evening when we were talking then suddenly I asked him.

Me: Who I am for you?

Aman: You are everything to me.

Me: I did not get this, what you mean by everything?

Aman: From day one I started liking you.

Me: Really?

Aman: Yes.

Me: Then why you did not tell?

Aman: I wanted to make space in your heart before going ahead.

Me: Oh my god! Did you get that space?

Aman: You tell. Do you have that space in your heart?

Me: Yes I have.

Aman: I love you Radhika. I am waiting for this day for so many days. I love you so much.

Me: Love you too Aman. You are so romantic and caring.