My Girlfriend's Daughter #4

Very early in the morning, I know it was because it was still dark outside; I awoke to a strange feeling. My girlfriend was under the covers sucking on me through the side of my shorts. I said, “Hey babe what’s going on?” She said that she had some sexy dreams and needed to get off. This wasn’t the first time she did this to me when I slept. She said that she hates to cum with her fingers and needs my fat cock deep inside her (those were her words). Who am I to stop her? Once she sucked me sufficiently hard, she climbed up on top of me, pulled her panties to the side, and sank my length into her very wet and hairy pussy. She rode me hard and came a few times before I shot off into her. She fell off me and proceeded to clean her juices off my cock. Once she was done she stuffed me back into my shorts and threw the blanket over me.

The next thing I know its morning and the sun is up. It felt very early but it was around 8 or so. My girlfriend woke me to say goodbye because she was taking her youngest daughter somewhere (probably shopping) for a few hours. See you about noon she says. I mumble that’s great and fall back asleep. Sometime later I feel the bed shift and I assume it’s my girlfriend coming back for some reason. I’m on my left side, facing the wall, and I feel an arm wrap around my chest. I instinctively hold onto the arm. The only problem is this arm is very thin and skinny. I quickly turn over and Heather is giving me a huge toothy smile. She whispers, “Surprise!” and was it ever. I said what are you doing here? She said that her mom and sister were going to be gone for a few hours and that she thought it would be all right to stay with me. All right? Hmmm. I said that I didn’t see the harm and proceeded to turn over like I was going back to sleep.

She asked me what was I doing? I told her I’m going back to sleep. I felt her shift in the bed and then I felt her hands on the back of my legs and then she ran her hands under my shorts and grabbed onto my ass cheeks. She whispered in my ear that she thought my butt was cute. I let her run her little hands all over my ass, why not? I figured I was just going to lie there and see what she was up to. I turned again, this time onto my stomach. I told her to pull off my shorts. She did. I told her to sit on me and rub my back. She climbed up onto my back and started to massage my back. I told her to work her way down and rub my ass. She did for a while and then I felt her open and close my butt cheeks. At first I ignored it but she would rub my butt then part my ass cheeks again. I asked her what she was doing? She said that she never really saw a butt hole close up. I told her that she could examine me all she wanted. The only rule was that she had to be naked too. I felt her stand on the bed and the shifting of weight then the dropping of clothes on the floor. She knelt down and straddled my legs. I could feel the heat of her pussy on the back of my leg. I told her to kiss my butt cheeks, which she did. I told her she could go back to exploring but I wanted to feel her massive tits on my back and butt. She leaned forward and planted her breasts on the back of my neck. Then she raked her breasts along my back and all the way down to my ass. It felt amazing. So soft, so full. Best feeling. She sat her pretty pussy back on my leg and began to explore again. I could feel the pressure from her pussy as she lightly pushed downwards. She was very lightly rubbing her pussy back and forth almost without thinking. She probably wasn’t aware she was rubbing against me. So my cheeks were parted yet again.