I am going to hell. I know I am for many reasons. Well there are at least three right now. But before I get into that. Heather has been texting me like crazy since the last time we were together. Very loving messages and all. She was worried for a while about getting her pregnant. I kept trying to tell her not to worry. I finally bought her a kit to test herself and it of course came back negative. Whew! Even if she were, she would be a very sexy pregnant teen. I just can’t imagine what her breasts would look like filled with milk. How could they get any bigger or heavier?

Ok, back to my original thought. Why am I going to hell?

Reason #1: I installed a spy cam and have been recording the goings on in our main bathroom. Heather is leaving for college soon and I will have enough jerkoff material for days to cum. Now I have a record of that beautiful body. I have asked her and she won’t let me take pictures or video her without clothes on. This makes these pictures of her so hot for me. It’s like another level of secrecy. So I have had to be sneaky in order to get these pictures. My girlfriend and I have a very active life with my sex life, but as we guys know, jerking off is done with the person you love the most! And yes I will miss Heather and I don’t know what will happen in the future.

Reason #2: Kaitlyn has become a little bit of an issue. Ever since she saw my balls and Heather showed her penis pictures she seems to be on the lookout for more. She goes to an all girls’ school too, so she has limited contact with males. Another thing I should mention is that Kaitlyn says that she is into girls. It is funny because Heather went through the same thing a few years ago. Maybe because of the school they go to. Here are a few of the things that have been going on with her. Maybe I’m taking it wrong but it all seems suspicious.

I like to do stretches in the morning. Many times when I do Kaitlyn is situated in a way that she can stare directly at my crotch. Over the last week or so I have gotten many peeks at Kaitlyn’s underwear. Once she was on the floor tying her shoes, and another time she was on a chair with her leg up. I could see her panties coming out the sides. Last night I walked into her room to tell her something. She was wearing a summer dress and she was sitting there totally spread open. It was hard not to stare at her yellow panties. I can’t figure out if this was on purpose. She has also been braless all summer, which was something new. When she did wear a bra she wore Heather’s. I guess she might be bigger than I originally thought.