I was seduced by my girlfriend’s teenage daughter.

My Girlfriend’s DaughterI meet Sheryl a few weeks after starting my new job in Denver. She was ten years older than me, but that didn’t matter to us. Her eighteen-year-old daughter, Trisha, was a clone of her mother with long red hair, gorgeous brown eyes, and an outgoing personality that attracted everyone. Both Sheryl and Trisha were the kind of girl that a man wants to hold and make love to the moment they see them.
When I met Trisha for the first time, I thought, “Oh gosh! She is so cute! I may have picked the wrong girl! How will I ever be comfortable around both of them?” She seemed to look me up and down that day and it thrilled me, but I had to forget it. I was dating her mother!
We had been dating for about six months when Sheryl had to go into the hospital for a “procedure.” She said it was a female thing and I didn’t ask any further questions. She would be in the hospital for around three days and didn’t want Trisha in the apartment alone, so she would stay with me in my apartment until Sheryl came home.
The first evening, I took Trisha out to dinner and we came home to watch a movie. It turned out to be boring, so I was sitting on the floor in front of the TV, flipping channels to look for something else to watch (this was years ago before remote controls). Trisha came over and flopped down on the carpet beside me with a bored look on her face.
I said, “I know how you feel. I can’t find anything to watch on TV.”
Trisha sighed, “Just turn it off. Let’s do something else.”
I turned off the TV and wondered, “What exactly does she have in mind that we do?”
So, I looked down at Trisha lying there beside me. Her nipples were poking out hard against the thin t-shirt she was wearing and she was looking at me with an expression that seemed to suggest that she wanted me to make a move on her. The conditions were certainly perfect. We were alone; she was a very attractive teenager; we were both single; we had a lot of time to kill, and I think we each wanted the other for some stimulating ‘playtime’. But I am normally the faithful type and I saw Trisha as a lot of temptation, but also as my girlfriend’s daughter. She was hands-off material.
After a long time studying her cute face and body, I said, “And what would you have us do for the rest of the evening?”
She got kind of fidgety and said, “I don’t know. Can’t you think of something we can do?” She looked up at me with those big brown eyes and I just knew what she was suggesting and I wasn’t going there.
I lay down beside her on the carpet, propped up on one elbow, and ran my fingers through her gorgeous red, silky hair, “You know, Trisha, that you are a lovely girl and this is a very tempting situation for me…maybe for both of us. But I’m dating your mother, so nothing is going to happen between us tonight.”
Looking disappointed, she said, “I guess I understand. I’m going to bed early.”
“Okay. Goodnight. See you in the morning.”
I gave Trisha my king size bed and I would sleep on the sofa. Now, I’m a bachelor, so I didn’t have a spare blanket lying around, so I had to use my coat over me to stay warm.
I turned in around eleven and was almost asleep when I felt more than heard Trisha kneel down beside me next to the sofa and whisper, “Ken. Are you awake?”
“Yes. What is it, Trisha?”
“I know you can’t be comfortable or warm on this sofa. Why don’t you come in there and sleep with me? The bed is huge, the electric blanket is warm, and I won’t know you’re there.”
“I don’t know about that. I don’t think that would be a good idea.”
“Why not? I won’t attack you and Mom doesn’t have to know.”
I actually thought it would be a great idea, but that was my hormones talking. Trisha would be trouble if I ever touched her.
“Oh please!” She pleaded. “I feel funny alone in that big bed with you out here on this sofa. Come on, please.”
She didn’t sound like she was planning to seduce me or anything like that, so I said, “Okay I’ll agree, but you have to stay on your side of the bed.”
“I promise.”
“Okay,” I said finally and off we went to sleep together.
Around 2:00 AM, I felt Trisha cuddle up to me. I was sleeping with my back towards her, so she put her arm across my arm and her hand on my chest. I was stunned but interested in what she might do next, so I pretended to be asleep.
After five minutes, she slowly slid her hand down to my stomach and cuddled closer. That’s when I ‘woke up’.
“Trisha! What are you doing?”
“I like to cuddle. And you’re so warm.”
“What do you normally do at night without a man to cuddle with?”
“I cuddle with Mom.”
That was so shocking that I turned over to face Trisha. “You sleep with your mother?”
“Sometimes. Not often.”
I turned back over, “Well, you shouldn’t be cuddling with me.”
“Please Ken,” she pleaded. “I promise to just cuddle and will never tell Mom.”
“Well…okay. Now go to sleep.”
At six o’clock my alarm went off and Trisha was still cuddled up to my back with her hand on my stomach. She had kept her promise. Good girl!
As I started to get up and ready for work, Trisha stretched and said, “Mmm. I slept sooo good.”
“Good! I have to get ready for work.”
“I wish you didn’t. I enjoy cuddling with you.”
I got up. “See you this afternoon, Trisha.”
“Alright,” and she turned over as went back to sleep.
As I was about to go out the door for work, Trisha came up behind me, put her arms around my waist, and gave me a long hug. “Bye Ken. Have a nice day. I enjoyed sleeping with you.”
“See you tonight, Trisha.”
– – – – –
The next night was about the same. I woke up around two as Trisha cuddled up to me. However, this time I was on my back and she laid her head on my shoulder and her hand on my chest. I’m only human, so I pulled her close with both arms, making her moan and snuggle even closer to me. Her hair was touching my face and smelt so good; her toned little teenager body felt absolutely divine.
“Trisha, this is not a good idea.”
“Why not? I can tell that you like to cuddle as much as I do.”
“That is NOT what I’m talking about and you know it.”
“Well. So, I like you. What am I supposed to do…just ignore you?”
“I don’t know, Trisha, but this could turn very dangerous.”
She raised her head and looked into my eyes, her face almost touching mine, “You really think so?”
“Yes, I do.”
“That’s nice to know,” she replied as she slowly slid her hand down across my stomach toward my crotch.
I quickly grabbed her hand and said, “Trisha! Stop that!”
She stopped for a few seconds, then pushed her hand further down until it arrived at the ragging bulge in my shorts. “Well, well. What is that?”
“Trisha. We should not do this.” My resistance was gone completely even though I said those words.
“Your hard cock is saying something entirely different.”
Her face was still near mine, so she pushed forward and our lips met for the first time, and it was like an electric shock had traveled through our bodies. We kissed passionately as our tongues explored every part of one another’s mouths. Trisha was moaning and humping my leg as she rubbed my cock through my boxers.
“What the hell,” I said to myself as I rolled over on top of her. She spread her legs to accept my left leg and bulge between them. I pressed my cock hard against her wet crotch and she responded by returning my thrust.
“Trisha, this will get us both in a lot of trouble.”
“I’m not going to tell Mom. Are you?”
I didn’t answer and let my next move do the answering for me. I reached down and, with her help, pulled the t-shirt she was wearing complete over her head and off. That’s when I discovered happily that she was wearing nothing else.
I kissed my way down her body, stopping for a few minutes on each of her perfect C-cup sized perky, firm breasts. Trisha had those rare kinds of breasts that have large protruding areolas the size of quarters. And her nipples were protruding hard and proud in my mouth and seemed to grow even larger as I sucked and played with them. Trisha was starting to moan with every action I made and her hips were thrusting against mine, begging for more attention.
I kissed my way down to her navel and stuck my tongue deep into it, then sucked my saliva out of it. Trisha moaned loudly and made her stomach hard for my tongue. Her hips were now humping my chest as I worked my down her perfect teenage body.
“Oh, Ken. I want you so much!” She put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me down to her waiting and aching pussy. It was wet and dripping juices onto the bed when I arrived and I intended to make sure that any further juices were lapped up by my tongue.
I ran my tongue around her swollen labia two or three times slowly to spread her juices around. Then I plunged my tongue deep into Trisha’s virgin pussy and she cried out, “Oh God!” as a shiver ran through her body.
“I want you inside me. Take me, please! I want to give my virginity to you now. Please fuck me.”
Trisha pleaded with me over and over to take her, to fuck her, to take her virginity. I was so aroused that I could wait no longer. Seeing that she was sufficiently lubricated, I put my hands under her knees and pushed her legs up and then down beside her shoulders. Her young little body was so limber and she was so eager, that I felt I could have done anything to her at that moment and she would not have protested.
In that position, her pussy was wide open and staring up at me, just waiting to be entered for the first time. I crawled up and positioned myself over her willing and hungry body, my hard eight-inch cock fully ready to fuck the target it saw below.
Trisha said, “I want to taste you first. Before you do me, I want to feel your cock in my mouth. I’ve never had a cock in my mouth before. Let me suck it first.”
I released her legs and moved up to straddle her chest, her nice firm boobs were nestled between my thighs. I took her hair in one hand and leaned forward on the other and guided my engorged and throbbing cock toward Trisha’s waiting mouth.
“Show me what to do. I don’t want to do it wrong.”
“Just suck it deep and don’t let your teeth touch it. Use your tongue the way you do when you kiss me.”
Trisha began her first blowjob as I slowly pushed my cock into her mouth. As soon as the head was in, she clamped her lips around it and started sucking as though it was a large straw and a vanilla milkshake was the reward. She flicked her tongue up and down and inserted it into its broad slit.
“Hmm. I like this. Does it feel good?” Trisha whispered as she looked up at me briefly.
“It feels fantastic, Trisha! Are you sure you haven’t done this before?”
“Yes. But I have a girlfriend who has. She told me what to do.” She stopped talking and resumed her efforts on the head of my cock, which I wanted to push all the way into her warm mouth.
I grabbed her head in my hand and pulled it up, causing my cock to ease deep into her mouth.
“Mmm!” she responded in surprise but didn’t resist. I slowly fucked her virgin mouth as she sucked and slathered her saliva all over it. As I slowly pushed deeper, I could feel her open her throat to accept my cock.
“Agg!” Trisha gagged when my cock touched the back of her throat.
“I’m sorry. I got carried away and wanted to be totally in your mouth.”
“It’s okay. I want to take you all in. I just need some practice. Try again.”
Before I could try again, Trisha raised her head to take my cock into her throat…and she took it all the way; all eight inched! After a few seconds, she let it pull back a little and giggled.
“I did it! I did a deep throat for you!”
“You sure did and you didn’t gag!”
She plunged my cock down her throat again and started to bob up and down on it, using my cock to fuck her throat.
“Trisha, you need to stop now or I’ll cum and won’t be able to fuck you.”
“But I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to feel it and taste it. I want your cum. Please!”
Without answering, I started to thrust into her mouth as deeply as I could. Every thrust would make my cock rub the back of her throat and she would groan. With each thrust, her nose would hit against my stomach and I would hold it there and gyrate my hips to gain a few more centimeters of depth.
Trisha did not gag again. She had learned in just moments to give the ultimate blowjob; she had learned to give me what all men desire.
“Oh, Trisha! I’m ready to cum!”
Trisha could only moan her approval with my cock so deep in her mouth. My balls grew tight and heavy and I felt my prostate grow tense in readiness to ejaculate. And then it did. My sperm exploded into Trisha’s throat just as I pushed all the way down. It made her cough and gag to feel my hot cum surging down her throat in such hard spurts, but she managed to take every drop I gave her.
When my cock was finally through expelling its creamy reward, Trisha slowly let it slip from her mouth and smiled. “Oh, I loved that, Ken. I think I’ve always wanted to feel a cock spurt in my mouth.”
“Well, my cock is now yours to suck whenever you want.”
“What about Mom?”
I had to think about that. “I don’t know, Trisha. I just don’t know.”
“I want you to fuck me now. I’m so aroused I can’t stand it.”
Suddenly realizing that she had not had her orgasm yet, I quickly moved back down and buried my face in her wet pussy and tongued her clit to a thundering climax. Her juices spilled over my face and ran down her ass onto the bedsheet. Her orgasm was so strong that it made me aroused again.
I said, “Trisha, I’m ready to fuck you now and take you all the way.”
“Oh, I want you too. Fuck me and take my cherry. My body belongs to you.”
Again, as before, I took her legs at the knees and pushed them down on the bed beside her shoulders. She was folded in half and exposed to my cock and whatever I wanted to do with her.
As the head of my cock entered her moist folds, Trisha moaned loudly and said, “Mmm. Do it to me, Ken. Do me.”
As I slowly plunged my hard cock into her, I felt the resistance of her hymen. I retreated and pushed in again.
“Mmm. You feel so good! I’ve wanted to fuck for so long. I’m glad you’re my first.”
I figured now was the time, so I made one final slow thrust into Trisha’s warm moist pussy.
“Ow! You just did it didn’t you?”
“Yes. Are you okay?”
“Yeah. It wasn’t too bad. Keep fucking me. The pain is going away.”
Now that Trisha was violated, I released her legs and laid down on her, put one hand under her butt, and the other on top of her head and grabbed a handful of her soft red hair. Then I was ready to fuck her the way a teenager needed to be fucked for the first time…slow, long, and hard until she has at least two orgasms.
As I began my slow thrusting into her, Trisha said, “Oh God you feel sooo good! Don’t ever stop fucking me like this!”
I established a slow and steady rhythm of thrusting that seemed to drive Trisha wild. She was humping up to meet my thrusts and wrapped her legs around my waist to help hold on to my body as I pumped her with ever-increasing speed and depth.
“Oh, fuck me! Fuck me! This is so good! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”
Trisha had her first orgasm with a man’s cock deep inside her and she obviously loved it. Within minutes, her body quivered and she started to cum again, “I’m cumming again! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!”
I could not hold on any longer and quickly blew my load deep inside Trisha’s virgin pussy, a warm teenage pussy that had never felt a cock and had never felt hot cum before mine. I was thrilled and wanted to just hold her all night.
– – – – –
Trisha and I continued to have sex as often as we could, given the fact that I was dating her mother. I could tell that she was getting jealous, especially when Sheryl and I would go away for a long weekend.
“I want to go away with you into the mountains, too. I would love to see Estes Park, too.”
“I know, Sweetie. I want to take you away somewhere, too. I wish we could just take off and not come back.”
“Do you and Mom have sex a lot when you’re gone like that?”
“Only once or twice. It’s not the same as with you. You are young and eager and want to try everything. Your mom is not like that. She is set in her ways and not adventurous at all in bed.”
“Well…I still don’t like it.”
Trisha and I had to pretty much settle for quickies when her mom went out grocery shopping or to get her hair done. She liked for me to take her from the back on the kitchen table. She was excited by the fact that her mom ate at that table every night and didn’t know how many times I had fucked her there. She liked to wear only a long t-shirt around the apartment and as soon as Sheryl walked out of the door, I would grab her and pull her into the kitchen and tell her to bend over the table.
“Are you going to fuck me,” she would whimper as she slowly pulled her t-shirt up to her waist to reveal her perfect round ass and shaved pussy.
“I’ve never been fucked before so don’t hurt me.”
“I won’t. Just lay there and cooperate.”
I would drop to my knees and lick her pussy until she was moaning and well lubricated, then I would stand up and push my hard cock into her slowly and steadily.
“Oh, Ken, that feels so good! I think I like fucking.”
I would grab her shoulders and pound into her so hard that the table would bang against the wall, leaving scratch marks that I would later have to somehow clean off.
“I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” she would yell. Trisha’s orgasms came on quickly. Her clit was so well exposed that I’ve seen her have a climax while watching TV just by crossing and swinging her legs.
She would close her eyes, lay her head back on the sofa, and bite her lip, and have a nice quiet orgasm and her mom never knew. But she would make sure that I knew and that I was watching her.
She liked to tease me like that. She had to be the most sexual teenager on earth! She tried to keep herself aroused at all times, just in case we had a few moments together and I could finish her off…which I managed to do several times a week.
One time the three of us had been in the pool and I knew that Trisha was hot and ready. I knew that she had been rubbing her clit to get aroused and was planning something, anything to get me alone and have me fuck her quickly. She seemed to live for those stolen moments alone with me.
When Sheryl said she had to go get gas in her car, Trisha and I looked at each other quickly and said we would probably just stay in the pool for a while.
As soon as Sheryl left, Trisha removed her bikini bottom and came over to me, turned around, and pushed her bare ass against my crotch, which already contained my swollen cock.
I whisper to Trisha, “We can’t do this here! Too many people and Sheryl might come back before she leaves.”
“Okay, then where? I want you; I need you inside me now!”
“I have an idea. Why don’t we fuck in the elevator? I’ll set the alarm, which will stop it between floors.
And if we both are really quick, no one will have time to respond.”
“Oh, that sounds like fun!”
We went straight to the elevator. Trisha was wearing a terry cloth pull-over and took her bikini bottom off as soon as we entered. I pushed the “SEVEN” button and when we got between the sixth and seventh floors, I pulled the “EMERGENCY” button. The elevator stopped immediately and somewhere in the distance a bell started to ring.
Trisha pulled up her pull-over and leaned against the wall of the elevator, waiting for me to take her from the back. She was already wet just thinking about it and so was I. I quickly pushed my engorged cock into her and she threw her head back and moaned, “Mmm. Oh, Ken, you feel so hard!”
In less than a minute, we were both ready to climax. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Fuck! Mmm!”
As Trisha had her wonderful climax, I started to shoot off deep inside her. We had to be quick, so I pulled out as soon as I was finished, and my cum started to drip on the marble floor of the elevator. I pushed the emergency button back in and the elevator immediately finished its ascent to the seventh floor and we got out. No one ever knew what we had done. Thank goodness there was no security camera in the elevator!
“Oh, that was so much fun, Ken. That’s a perfect place for our quickies!”
“If we did that too often, they would close down the elevator for maintenance, and I don’t want to walk up and down seven floors when they do.”
But Trisha’s favorite thing to do by far was to have me stand in front of the large sliding glass door leading to the balcony while she got on her knees and gave me a blowjob. She knew that someone in the building across the courtyard was probably watching us and she really got into it. And when she did, I would shoot off quickly.
– – – – –
When Sheryl’s company transferred her to their Orlando office, I of course agreed to drive her down there. It was about a three-four-day drive and I didn’t want the two of them driving alone. All of their belongings were packed and shipped, her car was loaded down with luggage, and off we went with Trisha in the back seat.
This move meant the end of my relationship with both Sheryl and Trisha and I was not happy about it and neither was Trisha. Sheryl, on the other hand, seemed to be okay with it. We had talked about it and she said that our relationship seemed to have reached a plateau and was not going anywhere. I had to agree. (Of course, she knew nothing about Trisha and me.)
Trisha was not a happy camper. “I can’t go to Florida, Ken! What will I do without you? You mean so much to me!”
“I know Trisha. And you mean a lot to me. But what can we do? Tell your mom that you want to stay here with me? I don’t think so.”
“Maybe I could come to visit several times a year if I can hold on that long without you.”
“That’s a plan, but not a good one.”
– – – – –
It was our first overnight stop on the road and Sheryl was the last to shower before bed. Trisha and I had planned it that way, so as soon as we heard the shower curtain pulled closed, Trisha spread her legs and I dove between them, licking and sucking her labia and twirling her clit with my tongue until she was almost ready to climax. Then I quickly moved up and rammed my cock deep into her and pumped her until she quickly climaxed. I had to put my hand over her mouth to muffle her screams of ecstasy. Then while I was still hard, she sucked my cock into her mouth, licking and lapping on it until it went soft. Thank God Sheryl took long showers!
We repeated these quickies every night on the road until we got to Orlando. After that, we were all in the same motel room and the procedure changed.
We found them an apartment and I flew back to Denver, leaving my darling Trisha behind. She had become so special to me and I didn’t realize how much until I was on the plane and thinking about her. She had given me her virginity; mine was her first cock; she had given me her first blowjob; we had slept together for four nights while her mom was in the hospital. I missed her young warm body next to mine already.
– – – – –
For several months, Trisha and I would talk on the phone during the day when her mom was at work. She would always call collect so that there would be no record of the phone call on Sheryl’s bill. But we knew we couldn’t live like that. We had to be together. So, one day Trisha just broke the news to her mother.
“Mom, we need to talk.”
“No really. Come sit down.”
“This must be serious.”
“It is.” Trisha took a deep breath and just started. “Mom, Ken and I have been having an affair ever since you were in the hospital.” She paused to let that have its impact on her mother.
“Oh, I know that Trisha. I always have! Did you two think I didn’t see the way you looked at each other? Did you think that I didn’t know about your quickie sex sessions every night while I was in the shower coming down here? When did you ever know me to take such long showers? I was giving you two time to make love!”
“Mom! I can’t believe you knew and didn’t say anything!”
“Look, Trisha. Ken is a wonderful guy and you could not have picked a nicer man to introduce you to sex and to fall in love with. I’m happy for the two of you. Ken and I were never a good match, but it seems the two of you are, so go to him. You have my blessings.”
“Mom this is just so unbelievable! I can’t believe you!” She started to cry, realizing what her mother had done for her; how she had overlooked what was going on between us and allowed us to fall in love.
Sheryl and Trisha held each other and had a good mother/daughter cry. They had always been close, but this brought them even closer.
“Why don’t you call Ken right now and tell him everything and that you’ll be on the next plane to see him.”
“Really Mom? I can do that?”
“Yes. Go ahead. Call him right now. It’s only seven o’clock out there.”
“Thanks, Mom.”
– – – – –
Trisha and I lived together for six months and decided to get married. Her mother came and gave her away. It was surreal to have Sheryl there when I married her daughter.
That was four years ago and Trisha just gave birth to our son, Ken Jr. We had spent all of our spare time seeing Colorado, visiting all the tourist places that Trisha had always wanted to see.