My neighbor’s wife is so beautiful that I just had to have her!

My Gorgeous Neighbor
Jill is simply gorgeous! She’s blonde, has blue eyes, has a sexy smile, and is friendly. The three of us get together every weekend for bar-b-que, drinks, and a fun time. I spend my time sneaking lengthy peaks at Jill, trying to imagine what it would be like to get her into bed. She is always smiling and friendly, but never leaves Jim’s side. She was obviously devoted to him, so I thought that my fantasies were all I would ever have.
Then came the week when Jim left on a one-week business trip. Jill called to ask if she could come over. Of course, I said yes.
“Hi, Jill. Come in,” I said as I tried not to look so lecherous.
“Thanks, Bill. Are you busy?”
“Not at all. Come have a seat. Would you like a cup of coffee?”
“That would be nice.”
My Gorgeous Neighbor 2Jill looked so hot that day with her long strawberry blonde hair and a white blouse. I wanted to grab her, throw her on the floor, and fuck her so hard that she’d finally give in.
Her hair looked especially gorgeous and her sweet smile made my cock come to attention. As I made two coffees, I pressed my bulging cock against the cabinet, trying to imagine what Jill’s mouth would feel like with my cock deep inside it.
When I returned with the coffee, I stood behind the sofa looking down at the top of Jill’s head. I wanted to set the coffees down, pull out my cock, and stroke it until I shot off on her head.
“Here we are,” I said as I handed Jill the cup.
“Thanks, Bill.”
“So, what brings you to my house? Not that I’m complaining.”
She took a sip of coffee and said, “Jim left on a week-long business trip today and I’m lonely already. Can I just visit?”
“Of course! It’s a pleasure to finally be alone with you,” I said and immediately thought that I’d been too forward and had revealed my lust for her.
“Really? That’s nice to hear. I’ve been wanting to be alone with you too,” Jill said as she put her hand on my leg. “When Jim is around, I can’t flirt with you.”
My hormones were raging as I reached over and ran my fingers through her gorgeous soft hair. “I have the same problem, Jill. You are so gorgeous that I’m always tempted to flirt with you in some way.”
“Me too,” she responded as she slid her hand up my leg and found the hard bulge in my shorts. “Bill, I really need you right now.”
I pulled her lips to mine and we kissed. “I’m at your disposal all week.”
“Then take me to bed and make love to me for an hour. I want your cock inside me.”
I stood up and quickly dropped my shorts and boxer, letting my nine-inch cock out. I was being quite forward in doing that, but my hormones had taken over.
“Oh, Bill!” Jill whispered as she took my cock in her hand and stroked it slowly. Then she leaned forward, licked the head a few times, then took it into her warm mouth.
I quickly sunk the fingers of both hands into her hair and pulled her face to my stomach, sending my cock down her throat.
“Agh!” she gagged, but let me hold her face to my stomach as my cock began to jerk with anticipation. It wanted to shoot off.
Then Jill started to bob in and out on my cock, going all the way down with each thrust of her head. She was very good at giving head and especially good at deep throat.
“Oh, Jill. You’re going to make me cum,” I whispered as my climax approached.
“I want you to,” she responded and pushed my cock down her throat and held it there as her tongue danced on my balls.
That’s all it took. I groaned and pulled her face hard against my stomach as my cock began to jerk and spurt in Jill’s throat.
“Cusks!” she coughed on the first spurt.
But I was enjoying the feel of her soft hair in my fingers; the feel of her tight throat as my cock jerked and spurted, and I liked the cough she made when the first spurt hit her. After three years of wanting Jill, she was giving me the best blowjob of my life! I was shooting off in her throat and she was taking it.
When my cock finally stopped, Jill slowly pulled it from her throat and sucked out all the remaining cum. “Mmm. I’ve dreamed about sucking you off, Bill. I can’t believe that I finally did it,” she said, then stood up, put her arms around my neck, and kissed me. “Did you like it?”
“Are you joking? I’ve also dreamed about throat fucking you.”
“Mmm. I like it when you talk dirty.”
“Then why don’t we go to bed so I can eat your pussy, then fuck you for an hour?”
“Oh, Bill! You must be a mind reader!”
I took Jill by the hand and led her into my bedroom. We stopped by the bed where she quickly removed her blouse to reveal the nicest set of plumb boobs I’d ever seen. They had to be at least 36DD with no sagging and nipples standing out hard.
“Oh my god, Jill. You’re more gorgeous than I ever imagined!” I whispered as I took them both in my hands and squeezed.
“Thank you, Bill,” she replied as she dropped her shorts to reveal a nicely shaved pussy. Then she put her arms around my neck and gave me a French kiss that would make any man hard. Then she laid down on the bed, brought her knees up, and spread her legs.
“Didn’t you say you were going to eat me?”
“I did,” I said as I crawled onto the bed and lowered my head between her legs. Jill’s pussy was already quite wet as I explored it with my tongue. Then when I licked her clit, she moaned and grabbed my head.
“Mmm! Lick me right there and I’ll cum,” she moaned as she thrust up on my tongue.
I licked Jill’s clit for only a couple of minutes before she had an intense orgasm. Then she said, “Let’s do sixty-nine so I can suck you.”
So, I turned around and before I could get my tongue back on Jill’s clit, she had managed to push my cock down her throat. I slid my toes under her head and was able to push another inch of cock down.
“Agh!” she gagged, but let me keep it there. Each gag squeezed my cock, pushing me closer to shooting off.
Jill had two ravishing orgasms before I filled her stomach with cum.
“Oh wow! I’ve dreamed about what we just did.”
“Me too,” I replied as I turned around and took her into my arms.
– – – – –
Jill spent the night with me, interrupted only by a phone call from her husband. She was riding my cock at the time.
“Hi, honey!”
“Nothing much. I went to the store to get a few things, then watched some TV. I was about to go to bed,” she said as she continued to slide up and down on my hard cock.
“Hold on a second,” she said and quickly muted her phone and laid it on the bed. She groaned loudly through an orgasm, then leaned over and kissed me.
“I’m back. I had a sneezing fit.”
“No, I’m okay.”
“Okay. Talk to you tomorrow night…love you too.”
Then she turned around in the reverse cowgirl position and fucked my cock until we had mutual orgasms. As she was groaning, I pushed my thumb into her ass and she moaned loudly. I decided to try and fuck her ass one night before Jim got home.
As we cuddled, Jill said, “Would you like to try something different tomorrow night?”
“Sure! What do you have in mind?”
I read a novel once where these two armies were waring…the Zeltons against the Barberons. The Barberons were an all-female army and all were beautiful, so to capture one was a real prize. She would be tied to a bed where all of the soldiers would take her. Then when the soldiers were gone to battle, the cook and other men would have her. Each female would be kept until she was three months pregnant, then she would be released to return to her people.”
“That sounds like some novel.”
“Would you like to dress up as a Zelton? I’ll be a gorgeous Barberon that you’ll capture after a fierce battle.”
“Wow! That sounds like it would be fun.”
– – – – –
After going to the sports store the next day to get some barbarian-looking equipment, I sneaked into Jill’s house.
My Gorgeous Neighbor 3After quietly looking around, I found her in the kitchen. She was dressed for the part and looked absolutely gorgeous in her leather outfit. Her hair looked beautiful and she had cute bangs.
I waited until her back was turned, then I quickly grabbed her. She started to kick and scream at the top of her lungs, so I put my hand over her mouth as I d**g her toward the bedroom.
“Mob it,” she yelled under my hand as she continued to kick and struggle. Then she managed to break free and started to hit me and kick me, dead set on not becoming my sex slave.
Undeterred, I shoved her backward, where she fell on the bed. I quickly jumped on top of her, grabbed her by the hair, and kissed her hard. She broke away from my kiss and unsuccessfully slapped at me.
I grabbed her wrists and pinned them to the bed and kissed her again as I worked my legs between hers.
“You are not going to fuck me, Zelton pig!” she yelled.
My cock had grown hard as a rock with her struggling, and the feel of her soft hair and those cute bangs had turned me on. The leather suit she was wearing left her wet pussy available. But as I reached down to pull my cock out, Jill got her hands free, pushed me off of her, and ran for the door.
I caught her quickly, ripped her leather skirt off, and threw her face down on the bed. I quickly pulled her hands behind her, then pushed my hard cock deep into her body.
“Oh god. Please don’t,” she begged. But she also pushed her ass up so I could thrust deeper.
“You’re a good fuck! What’s your name?”
“Go to hell, Zelton pig!”
I quickly tied her hands behind her back using a piece of leather she was wearing around her forearms.
“Now that you’re tied up, I’m going to fuck you all night,” I said as I grabbed her shoulders and started to pump hard into her body.
“Ugh! Please don’t do this! Ugh! I’ll agree to be yours alone if you’ll untie me.”
“Why should I trust you?”
“Just think how good I’ll be if I were your personal Barberon whore…all yours to fuck as often as you want.”
I didn’t know if she was still playing the game or if she was giving in as a Barberon.
“Okay, but if you try to run again or if you fight me just once, I’ll tie you to the bed and let my entire regiment have you…and there are thirty of them.”
“I promise not to fight you anymore. You can fuck me all night if you want; even fuck me while I’m asleep. I bet you’d like that.”
I was continuing to pound into Jill and was about to shoot off, so I put my hand over her mouth, pulled her cheek to mine, and said, “You’d better be telling me the truth.”
“Mmm. Mmm,” she tried to say ‘I am’ under my hand.
Her hair felt so soft against my cheek and her cute bangs were so sexy that I started to shoot off. As I thrust up with each spurt of my cock, she moaned.
“Mmm! Mmm!”
“You like my cock jerking inside you, don’t you?”
Jill shook her head yes.
“Okay, I’ll untie you. But I have to know what to call you.”
“Jillian. My name is Jillian.”
After untying her hands, I flipped her over and fucked her again. She wrapped her legs around my waist and was rather passive as she let me fuck her.
“What is your name, Zelton?”
“Do you like fucking me, Clavius?”
“I do, but you need to participate if you don’t want me to give you to my regiment.”
“Well, I’ll try,” she said as she started to thrust on my cock.
When I felt my climax approaching, I straddled Jillian’s chest and fucked her throat until my cock exploded. She gulped every spurt down, then sucked to get more.
“Did you like my game, Bill?”
“I did. And you look so sexy with those bangs. I could fuck your face all night so I can look at them.”
“Mmm. Promise?”
– – – – –
Jill and I had an affair for two years right under Jim’s nose. Every time he left town, we’d spend the nights together.
“Bill, Jim doesn’t touch me anymore. I think he’s got a girlfriend.”
“Really? He’s a fool then. With a gorgeous wife like you at home, he shouldn’t even look at another woman.”
“I want you, Bill. If I were to divorce him, we could be together forever.”
“I’d love that, Jill.”
“I’ve been in love with you for a long time, Bill. You’re the only man I want.”
“I think I fell in love with you that first night we spent together. We both were so horny.”
“I know. That was a special night.”