Life in general is not easy. When we are born, we do it without an instruction manual to guide us through it, and we learn everything day by day. And we do it in a context of rules and formalities that distress us more than helping us.
One of the most confusing fields in our lives is that of attractions, emotions, eroticism and sexuality. For example, and by pure social convention, in the sentimental field we tend to relate to people of our age or at least, of our same generation.

That has been my case so far throughout my life. I have had different couples (formal, occasional), all from my same generation and I have had very good times with all of them. However, a few years ago (when I turned 40), I had the (unwanted) opportunity to meet a 55-year-old woman with whom I discovered and experienced sensations that I was previously unaware of. It was a very delicious experience, in the privacy of the four walls of her bedroom that we were sharing for a few weeks and that changed my tastes and preferences regarding the target of women that attracted me and that would become the axis on which my erotic and sexual plot since then.

Now with 50 years recently completed, all my attention and interest are focused on knowing and enjoying the friendship and pleasures of older women. That first meeting with Lola (that wonderful 55-year-old Spanish woman) changed my perspective when it came to sharing and satisfying my sexual desires.

Since then, I have had regular relationships with women who fulfilled a rule: Being over 50 years old. Thus I have had the pleasure of meeting nine fabulous mature women over the last ten years, some of whom have coincided simultaneously in time, which in turn has required in my case a display of charms and ability to make them think that they were the only partner with whom he had sex. Each one keeps in my memory a reserved space that will accompany me the rest of my life, with delicious memories that have allowed me to enjoy in each of the moments of pleasure shared with each and every one of them that I relate here ordered by their age:

– Pilar (51-year-old Spanish): My first blowjob without a condom, running outside.
– Mamen (Spanish 53 years old): The best Cuban women of my life in her chest of 130.
– Lola (Spanish 55 years old): My first woman over 50 years old.
– Mayte (55-year-old Spanish): My first anal.
– Mari 55 (55-year-old Spanish): The first time he fucked a woman in heels.
– Mari Carmen (55-year-old Spanish): The first time I fucked a married woman.
– Marga (56-year-old Bolivian): The first time I fucked a mature Latina.
– Pepi (57-year-old Spanish): The first time he fucked a widowed woman.
– Marlen (Ecuadorian 59 years old): The first with measurements of Goddess (100-65-95).

To end this story, I have left for the end what have been my last two relationships that I have been able to maintain during this year 2020, before the coronavirus epidemic began.