I waited till I moved out of site of them before I got dressed. Looked at my GPS and saw that I have 3 hours to my next check in station and 5 hours to the site where I will be stopping for the night.
We got to the check in site and after I rested for A bit I continued on alone. Just at dusk, I got to the my campsite. I found a spot far enough away from the rest of the people where I could camp alone. After I set up my tent, I went to the small camp store to get something easy and fast to cook on a campfire, some snacks and a six pack of beer. At the beer cooler in front of me was a cute BBW. She was 5’8″, about 175 pounds or so, huge EE tits that look like two football on her chest and real fast ass, but she is pretty. We both said hi (Nancy)and mentioned about their not a lot of choices. She said that she was more of a Fireball kind of girl, she was getting the beer for the friends she was hiking with. I ask her was the adventure going so far. Nancy said that she is new to hiking, figured it was a good way to work up a sweat and lose a few pounds. She also told me that she was here with her girlfriend and her boyfriend and a friend of his that they are trying to hook her up with, but that she’s not into him. Plus he is way to much into himself for his own good. She said I know I am not to much to look at, but I don’t have to settle. I told her that she not giving herself justice, she very easy on the eyes. I told her my story about why I was there. She got twinkle in her eye and asked, you are really here by yourself. I said yep I am, found a nice spot away from the crowd. She said, well I guess I should get back to the group. I said OK, nice to meet you Nancy. She flashed me a big smile and headed out. I finished my shopping and returned to my site, started and fire, ate, relaxed and plan my route for tomorrow.
It was warm next to the fire so I took off my shirt and shorts leaving me in just my boxer briefs. I am a good distance away from anybody, so the chance of someone walking into my camp is not likely. I was going over the events of that last two day, wondering how did I get myself in that position, but oh well sex is sex. the more I thought about it, I started getting hard causing a big tent in my shorts. I started squeezing my dick over shorts, so it wasn’t long before a wet spot started forming on the tip. I had to do what was natural and pulled my fat dick out of my shorts and stroked it slowly. I was thinking about how good it felt to have my dick buried balls deep in that sissy’s ass. causing me to stroke faster and squeeze harder. I had to pull my underwear the rest of the way off so I go get that feeling of my heavy balls slapping. I love being naked in public and sitting by the fire nude only made me hotter. I spread my legs wide, with my head back and my eyes closed I jacked off hard wanting to have a major orgasm.
I was really going to town when I heard a voice say oh my god. My eyes snapped open and was Nancy standing there with wide eyes and mouth open in shock. I quickly looked for something to cover my cock with, but I had thrown them over by the tent so I did the best I could with my hands. But with a 9″ dick and balls the size of lemons, it is easier said than done. I snapped at Nancy, WTF are you doing here? She was still in a state of shock and her eyes were still glued on parts of my dick I couldn’t cover with my hands. She finally looked up and said I am so sorry to just show up and interrupt you. I needed to get away from those people I am here with and you are the only person I kinda know. I knew you were alone so I thought you might wants some company. So here I am with a ice cold bottle of Fireball.
I quickly calmed down and said well nothing I can do about it now, so why don’t you have a seat. As she walked towards me I said can you bring me my shirt from over there. When she bent over to pick it up, her skirt rode up her ass showing me that she wasn’t wearing and panties. She handed me my shirt and sat in the chair next to mine. I said would you mind turning away or closing your eyes. Nancy said, why, I think I have already seen everything you got. I said I guess your right. I stood up facing her with my still hard black dick only about a foot from her face. Again she goes into the deep trance steering at my long black dick. I made it jump at her and slowly pulled my shirt down barely cover my hard on, but not my balls.
I sat back down trying in vain to cover up. I said to her so are we drinking or not. She smiled, cracked open the bottle and took a big swig before handing the bottle to me. Some how we were able to talk, even though the elephant in the room was me being almost nude. I caught her several times peeking at my balls and the head of my dick poking out from under my shirt. She broke the ice and asked, so what were you thinking about earlier that had you so excited. I lied and said I was thinking about when I met you this afternoon. She said oh really, just what were you thinking? I said I was wondering if your tits looked as nice bare as they do covered. She pulled her dress up over her massive boobs. I said to myself, fuck, they are perfect and the big hard nipples are a bonus. She asked, what do you think? I said I like a lot, but now I have another thought about them. She said what. I answered, I wonder what they would feel and look like wrapped around my big fat cock? Then I leaned forward and took off my shirt again leaving me there naked with a smile and a hard leaking dick. Nancy let out a soft moan as he stared at my nude body.
Nancy stood up removed her dress, so now we are both naked, lifts up her heavy tits and puts on in her mouth. This caused my dick to jump on its own. She said well their is only one way to find out. For a bigger girl, she pulls it off nicely. Nancy got on her knees between my legs and wraps the beautiful tits around my dick and squeezes them together really tight causing me to leak more cum. She says lean back and enjoy baby, mamma is going to give you the best titty fuck you have ever had. She let my dick fall out from her tits long enough to take me in her mouth. Her small mouth looked fucking hot stretched over my thick black meat stick. She tried to swallow it whole but it was to much meat for her. She got my cock nice and wet and then put it back between her huge tits and started giving me the titty fuck she promised. MMM my black cock looked and felt amazing in the middle of her big fat boobs. When it came out the top of her chest she let it slide into her mouth and back down again.
She starts moaning how good my black cock taste and that she could suck on it all night. Then she moves do to suck on my huge balls. She tries to suck them both at the same times but gives up because they are to big for her. She says, baby, your balls are so heavy, I bet they have a lot of cum for me. her tits feel so good that I can already feel my balls getting tight and my cock is swelling. I said Nancy you better stop before you get a mouth full of hot cum down your throat. She looked up at me with a wicked smile, squeezes her fat tits tighter around my dick and clamps her full lips on the head of my dick and start working my shaft faster and sucking harder. It doesn’t take long before I feel my cum rushing up my dick into her mouth. The first shot is so hard it causes her to choke. Nancy tries to keep up with the flow of my load but it’s to much to fast and starts leaking out the corners of her mouth. I pulled my dick out of her mouth and finished off on her tits and face. She looked even hotter covered in my hot cum.
When she sucked out the last drop she used her fingers to scoop up what didn’t fit in her mouth and licked them clean. She sits beside me rubbing the cum left on her chest into her big tits. She says that was yummy thank for feeding me. She starts to put her dress back on, and I grabbed it and said where do you think going. She said I figured you were done. I said to her, look at my dick, does it look like I am done. She asks how can you still be hard and feeding me such a huge load. I said honey I got plenty more where that came from. . Before the night is over I am going give you at least 3 three more loads of hot black cum. You are now my black cock whore. She said yes honey I’ll be what ever you want me to be. I said no you’re going want to be my slut for the night and I am going to fuck you all night long. She said yes daddy.
Good. Now get over here and sit your fat ass on my dick and bury it balls deep in your slutty cunt. yes daddy. she sinks down on me to the end in one move. She groans out load, holy fuck daddy, you’re so big, I feel you in my gut. Nice, now stop playing around and ride my dick bitch. She start bouncing up and down on me like a true dirty slut, yelling fuck, fuck, fuck I’m going to cum daddy, can I please squirt my cum all over you fat cock and balls, please daddy, I need to cum. I reached around and took her tits in my hands, squeezed her nipple hard, causing her pussy to clamp tighter on me. I said go ahead whore cum all over you daddy. She starts fucking down on me hard, I thought the chair would break. She falls down on me one more time and then explodes on me. She is squirting so much and hard it felt like she was peeing. Her orgasm was so hard she past out for a few seconds.
When she comes down to earth, she moves back to her chair. I got up, went to my tent and got my sleeping bag and spread it out in front of the fire, but not to close. I walk over to her and my dick is level with her mouth and order her to clean my cock and balls with her mouth. She does as she is ordered. when she is done she looks up at me and say how can you still be so hard. I said it’s a curse or a blessing, you decide. I got on my knees, told her to spread her and I started eating her sloppy cunt. She is trying to fuck my face. I asked, baby you want me to eat your cunt, yes daddy. You want me to fuck you some more? Yes daddy I need you black dick in my pussy again. Then I said I’ll give you some more, but I want to fuck your fat white ass. She looks at me with worry and says, daddy I have never had a dick in my ass and yours it to big, it won’t fit. I took her clit in my mouth and sucked it hard, I knew she was going to cum again, but I stopped just in time. She gasps, daddy I was was going to cum, keep going. I told her OK, but only if you let me fuck that sexy big ass. She starts to protest again until i suck her clit and then stop again. She pleads with me daddy stop teasing me. I said OK.
I told her to get on her hands and knees. I get behind her and rub my cock head against her hot wet pussy. She begs daddy, put it in my hole, I need it bad. I said only if I can put it in your ass first. She says, no daddy no. I said that’s fine. I’m tired, get dressed a go back to your camp. I kept my dick against her pussy. She tries to push back on me, but I move away. She gives up and says OK daddy, I’ll do it, but please be gentle. I said I will baby, thank you. I shoved my dick deep in her pussy and fucked her until she came all over my dick, getting it nice and wet. Before she can get back to normal, I put my hard wet dick head against her ass hole. I said relax, it will hurt only for a short time. She is real tight and hard to get in. I held her hips and gave a big push and the head popped in. She screamed out in pain and begged me to take it out. I said shut up slut, i’ll take it slow at first, if it doesn’t feel better I’ll take it out. Through tears she says OK daddy. It took me a few minutes before I was balls deep in her tight white ass. I loved the way it looked wrapped around my black cock. I asked her how was she doing, she said it doesn’t hurt as bad. I said I will go slow at first, she just nodded her head. She finally started liking it. I heard her moaning and felt her lightly pushing back on me. I started speeding up and soon I was fucking her ass like it was her cunt. She said, daddy I love you in my ass it feel s good, fuck me harder daddy harder. That what I was waiting to hear and I fucked her like it was going to be my last time. twenty minutes later I was filling her ass with another load of my cum, causing her to cum again. Before the night was over I fucked her ass again and her pussy twice, giving her two more loads of my cum and lost count how many time she came. Before she left, we exchanged number so we could hook up again.