My Little Black Dress

How one simple piece of fabric can hold so much power, even after twenty years of owning this little masterpiece of fashion engineering, I still can’t believe the cause and effect this magic garment has on the male sex. It is not my only little black dress by a long shot but it is definitely the one I treasure most. I should also mention I am not a genetically born female, I am a transvestite, don’t like the word too bad it’s what I am. To illustrate the magnetic pull this little black dress has on the male of the species I will attempt to accurately portray the cause and effect of wearing it one evening. Oh and if the descriptions of alternate life style coitus offends you I’d stop reading now.

The night in question many years ago wasn’t even planed it happened pretty much by chance. I had planned to spend the evening with an older woman that I was casually seeing from time, but on arriving home I found a curt message on my answer phone indicating she was not going to come over. I felt a bit used at being stood up, this fun night had been planned for a while. Even though I had never introduced her to my “femme” side I was fairly sure I had been pushed aside in favour for a more masculine male, so to speak. I was not jealous but disappointed and this disappointment turned to depression after a couple of lonely drinks. Maybe it was the depression or loneliness but either way I found my female side pushing her way out. Before I really knew it I found myself curled up on the couch in long hair wearing only a tank top and panties. It was getting late but the desires were building to uncontrollable levels and I soon found myself at my computer sending a quick e-mail to a past date.

Being the hour was getting late and I had not heard from this young man in a long while I figured it was pretty safe to send it then rub one out fantasizing what the night could have been like. Sex with him before was OK, not great but OK, I felt he was somewhat put off by having sex with a Transvestite and when my cock popped out it was like he had never seen one. Recalling these facts I immediately regretted sending the message. But a few very short minuets after hitting send there was a response. In a state of shock I replied back and somehow through this he stated he would be there in an hour.

Panic set in, it takes over an hour to go full ‘gurl’ I rushed to get ready. Douched, make up on, high heels picked and the long auburn hair fixed. Then came the arduous decision of what to wear. I couldn’t remember if I had worn breast forms on our last date so I took the safe route and wore a black water bra rather than he be shocked at big fake C cups. I slipped on tight purple satin panties and crotch-less nylons then stood at the bureau for what seemed like an eternity. I threw caution to the wind and grabbed the little black dress. I mean this is dress seemed a bit to forward if you get my drift, but I was out of time, I wiggled into it. I went to the mirror and checked myself, make-up was a bit off but as I was preparing to touch it up there was a knock on the door. Heels clicking on the bare floor I made my way to the very same door.
My Little Black Dress
My mouth instantly went dry as nervousness invaded, he stepped out of the darkness and into my living room. He removed his jacket and placed it on the couch as I moved to kill most of the lights recalling our previous encounter I felt it might be better to be in darkness less ruin the illusion of me being not quite female. He stopped me “leave the lights on, I want to look at you”, I left them on. The previous encounter I had dressed to the ‘nines’ I mean all out “Gurl” and he couldn’t get the lights out fast enough. To my utter amazement he softly spoke “fuck your hot”, not completely sure of what to say I walked up and gave him a hug. I think I whispered something like “it’s all for you” in his ear. The hug rapidly turned into an embracewith his hands running down my back and to my behind. I soon found him kissing my lips which soon parted to find his tongue working it’s way into my mouth. I reached down the front of his pants and found a very hard erection had developed.