The story I’m going to tell you is absolutely true, it happened in May, 2018 and it’s your decision to believe it or not…

January, 2018:

I was happily married with “the girl of my dreams”, her name was Aleyda and we planned to have c***dren as soon as possible to start a big family as we dreamt years ago when I met her at the University.

Once, I went to the hardware store for something that I needed for the garage, she told me that she wanted to eat pizza for dinner and I agreed with her. So I went there and in the half of the way I remembered that I didn’t have enough money with me so I decided to get back for it.

When I arrived back home, I asked her for the money but she didn’t answer me, then I went to our room and when I opened the door I found her with her best girl friend Janeth, they were naked on the bed having sex while I was busy out there.

Later, she tried to convince me to forget everything and forgive her but I denied everything she said and I left her. I felt terrible that day that I almost commited suicide, but some friends of mine helped me to not do that.

March, 2018:

Days passed, and I was single one more time, I wasn’t interested in any relationship by the time. I got sex with prostitutes anyways, because I was tired of jerking off so I went for “fun” several times.

I got sex with a lot of immigrant women from a lot of countries around the world, Russians, French, Chinese, Japanese, Italians, Indonesians and Mexicans, a lot of Mexicans.

The first Mexican prostitute I fucked with was a skinny smal titties teen but she had a hairy round big ass named Fabiola. She also had long legs but very stinky feet that I convinced her to keep her socks on. However, that didn’t stop me to fuck her hard and cum many times inside her cunt. Once I finished, she gave me her phone number, she said that I was a b**st for her and she was interested to get fucked again with me. Unfortunately I lost her phone number and I never found her again, I don’t know where did she go.

Days later, some of my Mexican friends of the University invited me to a party in Monterrey, Mexico so I said “Why not? Perhaps it’ll be a good way to forget that bitch that cheated on me (Aleyda).”

One of my best friends, Katya, told me that Monterrey was a perfect city to begin a new life and maybe a new relationship, I was skeptic about that, I only looked women as a sexual thing, not like people, they were objects to get sex with to me.

When we arrived to the city, we went to a restaurant and I saw a beatiful woman walking outside the place, she was a brown skin lady with beautiful eyes. I lost my mind in that girl that my friends thought that I had a problem, then I told them about what I’ve seen and Katya told me that I’ll find someone there to love again.