A few days ago, I remembered that My mom’s sister, Aisha, and I have been flirting a lot more together. Don’t get me wrong, it’s all very innocent aunt – nephew relationship; a longer-than-normal touch as we pass something across the table, a slight foot brush underneath said table.

I like to give my Aunty a hard time. When I was a kid I always messed with her and even now that we’re both older, she likes to pretend that she disapproves of me. In reality, I am better than her abusive and cheating husband Devas in every way imaginable.

While I get the feeling that she would let the flirting progress, I would never actually have sex with my own aunt. My mom would definitely kill me.

One day, my Aunt Aisha came to our house in tears. My mom comforted her, hugging her and letting her sister let all the emotions out. My aunt mentioned to us that she had seen her husband Devas naked in front of his laptop jerking off to another woman during a livestream. Aisha thought she was ugly, her husband refused to have sex with her and never appreciated her for anything.

My mom and I reassured my Aunt Aisha that she was beautiful, a hard worker, a great woman and we appreciate her for everything she has done for my mom and our family growing up. My mom and I told her sister to sleep in our home for the night. Aunt Aisha agreed.

My mom and I were supposed to have the night for ourselves, as my siblings were both at their friends for a sleepover. My mom and I were planning on having wild sex but unfortunately it seemed to be ruined. Oh well.

My mom and aunt were in the living room talking, laughing and watching tv. I laid down on my Mom’s big bed where we always had sex. I had a hard-on and was horny. I had not masturbated or had sex with my Mom in a few days, hoping today was the big day we would get it on and I could release all the energy.

I closed my eyes and tried to drift to sleep, when I felt someone pulling at my arm. When I woke up enough to realize what was going on, I realized someone was pulling off my shirt, and then my shorts. At first I thought it was a dream, but it felt so real and so I figured it was my horny Mother, finally coming around and wanting to get frisky while her sister slept in the living room couch.

Suddenly I was wide awake as I realized that my shirt and shorts were being removed at the same time. I opened my eyes and realized the room wasn’t dark anymore! In the dim light, I looked straight towards my Mom Nimra, then standing beside her, my Aunt Aisha, then back at my mother. Both ladies were completely naked, looking heavenly in the light streaming in from the street. My mom just nodded, placing her finger to her lips in a “shh”-ing gesture. Then my mom came over to me and pressed her lips to mine, locking our lips and we began to french kiss one another. Mom and son making out after days!