My attractive neighbor taught me everything about sex.

My Neighbor Taught Me Everything
When I was ten, my parents were killed in a car accident, so my grandparents stepped in and raised me. Then when I was f******n, my grandfather died of a heart attack. That left me and Granny. She wasn’t into raising another c***d, so she pretty much let me do whatever I wanted to do.
About the time I was sixteen, I noticed how attractive our neighbor, Helen, was. Her hair was white and styled short in a very becoming way. Her smile was adorable and she smiled a lot. And I thought that her body was nice for a woman in her late thirties. But for some reason, her ever-present dangly earrings turned me on. I would get an erection when I imagined kissing her ears. She’d moan and slip her arms around my neck.
Those were the only fantasies I had involving Helen until I was eighteen. That’s when things between us became sexual. We were watching TV one Saturday afternoon when she sat down next to me, put one arm around me, and put her hand on my leg.
“Billy, have you and your girlfriend been getting, you know, sexual?”
“No. Why do you ask?”
When she started to run her fingers through my hair, my cock responded by growing. And her face was so near me that I could hear her earrings tinkling.
“Well, I just want to let you know that I can teach you anything you’d like to know about sex.”
The thought of “sex” and Helen had never occurred to me. I figured that she was much too old to even be thinking about sex. Now she was offering to teach me anything I wanted to know about it.
“Like what?” I heard myself say. My mind was, for the first time, imagining having sex with my her. Suddenly, Helen was a very sexy woman.
“Well, for example, I could tell you all about oral sex.”
“Oral sex?” Again, my voice and mind were disconnected. My mind created a vision of Helen on her knees between my legs with my cock in her mouth, sucking it so hard that I was about to shoot off.
“Sure!” she said as she found the bulge in my pants and squeezed it. “I can tell you about it, or I can show you how it’s done. Do you think you’d like that?”
Helen was whispering in my ear and began to lick it lightly. My cock got so hard that I wanted to stroke it, but she started to do that for me.
As she slid her hand up and down on my swollen cock, she whispered, “Why don’t I show you what a blowjob is? I think you’ll love it.”
Then she slipped off the sofa and got between my legs. “Why don’t you let me pull your pants down?”
Without a word and in sort of a daze, I lifted up so she could pull my pants down to my ankles. Then she rubbed my cock through my shorts and said, “Wow, Billy! Your hard-on is really nice.”
I hesitated briefly, then took her hand in mine and made her stroke it. The image of my cock in Helen’s mouth was so vivid that I almost put my hand on her head and made her suck it.
“Oh, Billy! I think you’re ready for your first blowjob!” she said as she quickly pulled my cock out of the fly in my shorts.
“Helen. I don’t know about this.” I said, although I definitely wanted her to suck me off.
“Don’t you want me to teach you about oral sex?” she said as she slowly stroked my swollen member.
“I guess I do, but…”
“But what? Because I’m your neighbor and older than you? Don’t worry about that,” she said as she leaned forward and took my cock into her warm mouth.
Her mouth felt better than anything I’d ever experienced before. I wanted to sit there and feel her mouth on my cock all night. Then she started to bob her head up and down on it and even took it down her throat.
That’s when I lost all control. I took her head in my hands and pushed it down on my cock, making her gag. But she didn’t fight me. She let me hold her head down against my stomach until I began to shoot off.
“Cusks!” she coughed when my first spurt of cum hit her throat.
But, I held her face to my stomach for at least thirty seconds as my cock jerked and spurted in her throat. I had never imagined that a blowjob would feel so amazing! I wanted it to last a lot longer.
When my cock finished, Helen raised her head, coughed, and asked, “Did you like that, Billy?”
“Yes. It was amazing!”
Then she removed her glasses, leaned forward, and kissed me. To my surprise, I returned her kiss.
“Billy, if we sleep together, I can show you a lot more about sex.” Then she removed her sweater and tank top, revealing the first boobs I’d ever seen. They were plump and appeared to be firm.
“Why don’t you feel my breasts, Billy? They’re nice and firm.” Then she moved up and straddled my lap. “You can suck them if you want,” she said as she pulled my mouth to one of them.
I automatically opened my mouth and sucked it. I was getting another erection as I fondled one of Helen’s tits and sucked the other.
“Mmm! Do you like sucking my breast, Billy? It feels wonderful to me,” she whispered as she pulled my head against her breasts. She started to thrust forward and back on my growing cock, making it clear that she wanted to fuck.
“Oh, Billy! I want you between my legs. I want your cock inside me,” she whispered as I continued to suck her breasts.
“Helen. I don’t think this is right.”
“Sure, it is. There’s no one better to teach you about sex than me. And no one will ever know.” Then she stood up, removed her slacks and panties, and sat down on my lap again. “I want you to fuck me right here on the sofa, Billy.”
Then she reached down between her legs, took my stiff cock, put it in her wet pussy, then slowly sat down on it, making it slide into her body.
“Oh, Billy! Your cock is so hard! Does it feel good to you?” she whispered in my ear.
Her body engulfing my cock felt heavenly! I had the strong urge to thrust into her body. But she started to do it for me. As she kissed my neck, she began to thrust up and down on my cock.
“Mmm, Billy. We’re fucking. Do you like it?”
“I do,” I said as I grabbed her ass to help her thrust.
“Oh, Billy! Let’s get on the floor so we’ll be more comfortable.” Then she stood up and laid down on the carpeted floor with her knees up and spread. “Come down here and fuck me, Billy.”
I was already moving. I quickly got between her legs as she took my cock with two fingers and guided it into her body.
“Mmm. Now fuck me, Billy. It’s better this way.”
Then she wrapped her legs around my waist as I thrust into her.
“Mmm. Just fuck me slowly. Your cock feels so good inside me.”
I kissed Helen’s ears and sucked her dangly earrings into my mouth.
“How do you like fucking me, Billy? I think you feel really good.”
I didn’t feel comfortable using the dirty language that she was using, so I just said, “I like it.”
Then she started to breathe hard and thrust faster. She was moaning with each thrust and pulling with her feet. Maybe she was having an orgasm!
“Oh, Billy! Fuck me hard! I’m going to cum!”
I increased the pace of my thrusting and Helen suddenly groaned loudly, pulled hard with her feet, and gripped my cock with her pussy muscles. She was having an orgasm on my cock!
That made me shoot off. I groaned and moaned as my cock spit cum into her willing body.
“Mmm, Billy! I can feel you coming. It feels so good!”
After my climax, Helen kept slowly thrusting on my cock until it slipped out.
“Oh, Billy! That was the first sex I’ve had since Jack passed away. You were wonderful!”
“You were too, Helen.”
– – – – –
For the next three months, I had sex with Helen almost every night and she taught me everything about sex. She seemed to get more attractive every day…and I loved her more every day.
When I graduated and went off to college, our relationship was put on hold. But during spring break and every Thanksgiving and Christmas vacation, we get together almost every day.
I now love fucking Helen. She’s so attractive and sexual that I’ll never get enough of her.