I am awakened by the feel of soft lips kissing my naked back. I realize from the late afternoon sun streaming through the windows that I must have slept a couple hours. I roll over onto my back and DeSean covers my face and lips with more kisses. As good as it feels I realize I should be going.

“DeSean I need to get cleaned up and go” I say,

“You can’t go home like this. We should probably wash my cum off you. Unless your husband gets off on stuff like that.”

“Like what?”

“You know, some guys get off sharing their wives with other men” he replies

“As far as I know Bryan isn’t in to that”

“Ok, but it would certainly make things easier for us to keep fucking”

“What makes you think this is going to keep happening?”

“Right” He says laughing, grabbing my hand leading me into the bathroom.

He turns on the shower and adjusts the temperature and steps in. Holding out a hand for me as an invitation to join him. Like I wouldn’t have followed that gorgeous naked body anyway, I think to myself. The water is perfect and I duck my head under the shower head and enjoy the warm water running down my body. I feel DeSean behind me begin to shampoo my hair. Then pause to let the water rinse out the suds. His hands full of soap again begin to run up and down my back, then reach around to massage each of my breasts and gently pinch my nipples, before sliding over my stomach to lather my tender well used pussy. More soap and his hands return to my back and one hand slides between my ass cheeks and repeatedly rubs up and down the length causing me to moan each time a finger grazes my sensitive hole. Lips find my back again and I feel a trail of kisses down my spine, relentless, lower and lower. He pushes my back forward and down bending me at the waist and my hands hold on the tile wall in front of me. His lips are at the base of my spine, then they are covering my ass cheeks with kisses and quick flicks of his tongue. His hands slowly and gently spread my ass cheeks and his tongue snakes down the length of my crack, I jump a little and moan at the same time. His tongue alternates between licking and probing my asshole. I begin to grind my ass back as I am swept up in the erotic sensations he is giving me. One of his hands slides up my inner thigh and a finger begins rubbing my pussy lips.

“oh fuck” I moan.

“You like that Kathy? You like my tongue in your ass?”

“Oh fuck yes it feel so good”

“Someday we will have to explore that more. Right now I want to taste your pussy and make you cum.”

He stops, stands behind me and turns me around. We are facing each other and he backs me up to the wall. He kisses me again and his tongue presses past my lips. I feel one of his hands glide to my neck and he gives it a quick squeeze, as his other hand slides down my body and begins rubbing my pussy. I moan loudly as he simultaneously chokes me a bit and teases my pussy lips.