My New Doctor (And Nurse)
ell, I just had my health insurance renewed and went through my yearly physical while meeting my new doctor at the same time. I would never have guessed that my physical would get so…well, let’s just say so physical. In fact it was positively orgasmic!

After I had gotten stripped down to my tighty-whities and into that very thin, light hospital gown that is open in the back, I sat on the hospital bed in anticipation of meeting my new doctor. “Good afternoon, I’m Dr. Smith,” said a tall, White man that appeared to be in his late 60s with gray hair and a gray mustache carrying a clipboard as he entered the room. He had on of course the normal doctor attire: the white coat over his suit and tie with a stethoscope around his neck. “I see you’re here for a physical.”

“Okay, let me have a look at ya.” He peered into my ears and eyes with his otoscope, getting uncomfortably close. I could smell his breath and our lips almost touched. “Open your mouth, stick out your tongue and say ‘augh’,” he instructed. I did so and I swear he almost wrapped his lips around my tongue. “This all looks good,” he said. Then he started rubbing my neck, but though it started out as a routine feel by a doctor, I soon heard Dr. Smith breathing more heavily and massaging my neck a little too liberally. In turn I was also starting to get aroused. “Take a deep breath in and hold it,” Dr. Smith ordered as he placed the stethoscope on my shaved-smooth boyish chest. It was very cold. I did as instructed. “Now exhale.” I did. The doctor was also starting to breath deeply now. I could tell he was fighting some urge…. I was hoping he didn’t notice my tall, rock hard erection creating a sail in my undies.

Dr. Smith stepped away and seemed to catch his breath and blink his eyes back to reality. I couldn’t get over how he was staring at me: it was no longer “doctor-like.” He glanced at the clipboard. “I see you haven’t had a prostate exam,” he said.
“No, I guess I didn’t reach that age yet.”
“Well, based on your medical history, it may be a good idea to have one early.”
I could tell he was just bullshitting me. There was nothing in my medical history hinting at a problem with my prostate nor was there any family history of such.
“Stand up and turn around.” He instructed.
I did so, again trying to hide my big, hard cock. “Take down your underwear.” I froze. “Don’t worry, this is nothing sexual,” he tried to reassure me, but I could tell he was lying. “I’m a doctor and that is how a prostate exam is given.”
I took my tighty-whities down to my ankles, then bent over the hospital bed, my shaved-smooth, round White ass poking out at my doctor like an a****l presenting to a mate while in heat. My dick was poking the side of the bed.
Dr. Smith approached me and I could hear him whistle and say to himself, “Beautiful.” Then I could feel something enter my rectum, knowing what a prostate exam is, I guessed it was his finger. But Dr. Smith was breathing heavily, his hot breath was warming up the back of my neck. I could tell he was aroused, he started making moaning sounds. I, too, was making sounds of ecstasy.